Priyanka Chopra Reflects on the Rollercoaster of Motherhood

Priyanka Chopra Reflects on the Rollercoaster of Motherhood

Motherhood is both terrifying and the greatest thing Priyanka Chopra has ever done. As the Quantico actress approaches the two-year mark of being a mom to her daughter, Malti Marie, she reflects on the journey with honesty and vulnerability. Speaking about her experience with People and her collaboration with Marshalls for its new Good Stuff Social Club, Priyanka acknowledges the rollercoaster of emotions that come with being a mother. She confesses to feeling overwhelmed every single day, constantly worrying about making mistakes and doing what’s best for her child.

Putting her daughter to bed is a particularly overwhelming moment for Priyanka. The weight of responsibility and the fear of making mistakes can be paralyzing at times. However, Priyanka also emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and checking oneself. She finds solace and validation in her family, constantly evaluating and reassessing her parenting choices. Whenever she sees her daughter’s smile, she feels a sense of accomplishment and relief, realizing that she’s doing a good job so far.

A Challenging Start

Priyanka’s journey to motherhood was not without its challenges. She and her husband, Nick Jonas, decided to keep their pregnancy a secret until after their daughter’s birth on January 15, 2022. Their little one spent her first 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), which was a difficult and trying time for the couple. It wasn’t until Mother’s Day 2022 that they opened up about their baby’s health battle.

A Unique and Precious Journey

On that special day, Nick took to Instagram to express his gratitude and admiration for his wife. He acknowledged the challenging months they went through and how those experiences united them with others who have faced similar struggles. Nick highlighted the importance of faith and reflected on the preciousness of every moment. Priyanka also shared her own Mother’s Day post, expressing her love and gratitude for Nick and emphasizing that she couldn’t imagine going through this journey with anyone else.

Priyanka’s transition into motherhood has been awe-inspiring. Nick recognizes her strength, ease, and steadiness in taking on this new role. He commends her for being an incredible mother and expresses his gratitude for being on this journey together. Priyanka echoes the sentiment, expressing her love for Nick and thanking him for making her a mother. They both recognize the preciousness of this new chapter in their lives.

Priyanka Chopra’s journey through motherhood is a testament to the challenges and joys that come with raising a child. It is a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with both fear and love. Yet, at the heart of it all, there is an unwavering commitment to doing what’s best for their child. Priyanka’s honesty and vulnerability serve as a source of inspiration for many other parents navigating the complexities of parenthood. With the power of love and support from her family, Priyanka continues to embrace the terrifying and rewarding journey of motherhood.

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