Reimagining the Fashion of Emily in Paris: A Fresh Take on the Iconic Styles

Reimagining the Fashion of Emily in Paris: A Fresh Take on the Iconic Styles

The hit Netflix show, “Emily in Paris,” has captured the hearts of viewers with its charming storyline and, of course, the fabulous fashion statements of its protagonist, Emily, played by Lily Collins. As fans eagerly await the production of Season 4, costume designer Marylin Fitoussi is already envisioning a new wardrobe for Emily. In an exclusive interview with Page Six Style during the “Paris by Emily” trip hosted by Dharma and Paramount Global, Fitoussi discusses the challenges of reinventing the character’s style and her quest to discover young designers who can infuse new life into the show’s fashion landscape.

“Emily in Paris” is known for its innovative take on fashion, pushing the boundaries and encouraging viewers to think outside the box. Fitoussi believes that the audience grasped this concept long before the fashion magazines caught on. With the upcoming trip “Paris by Emily,” aimed at fashion-loving fans, the show continues to bridge the gap between the fashion world and its audience. Ines Tazi, star of “Perfect Match,” will be hosting this five-day group getaway inspired by Emily’s adventures.

Unconventional Packing Tips

Fitoussi advises Europe-bound viewers to embrace their individual style and forgo the traditional “Parisian” look. Instead of relying on the typical trench coats and striped t-shirts often recommended by tour guides, she encourages travelers to pack colorful, creative outfits that reflect their own personality. The underlying guideline for packing is simple: life is too short to wear boring clothes. So, step out of your comfort zone and make a fashion statement that is uniquely you.

As fans eagerly await the release of Season 4, they can indulge in a trip down memory lane with Fitoussi’s favorite outfits from previous seasons. Each outfit represents a pivotal moment in the show’s fashion evolution. One such memorable ensemble showcased Emily in a full-pink look, complete with a pair of striking pink shoes borrowed from Christian Louboutin. Initially hesitant, Lily Collins embraced the boldness of the outfit, and the rest is fashion history.

For those yearning to emulate Emily’s style while awaiting the new season, Fitoussi recommends exploring similar fashion choices. Each outfit has a unique story behind it, and by diving deeper into those narratives, fans can uncover the essence of Emily’s fashion sense and incorporate it into their own wardrobes.

The world of “Emily in Paris” is not just about a captivating storyline, but also an exploration of fashion and self-expression. Marylin Fitoussi continues to push the boundaries of style and invites viewers to do the same. So, say au revoir to boring fashion and embrace your own unique style inspired by the iconic looks of Emily in Paris.


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