Revamping Your Underwear Capsule Wardrobe: Julia Haart’s Confidence-Boosting Tips

Revamping Your Underwear Capsule Wardrobe: Julia Haart’s Confidence-Boosting Tips

Fashion is not just a frivolous indulgence; it is a medium of self-expression and liberation. Julia Haart, known for her journey out of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community portrayed in her book “Brazen” and Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life,” understands this concept intimately. Clothes, for her, have always been an avenue to break free from the restraint and interchangeability she experienced in her upbringing. Stepping into the world of fashion allowed her to embrace her individuality and proclaim her freedom. Haart’s ensembles, adorned with low-cut tops, miniskirts, and short shorts, symbolize her right to choose what she puts on her body.

Recognizing the role undergarments play in the process of undressing, Haart embarked on a mission to redefine their purpose. Drawing inspiration from the iconic scene in “Bridget Jones’s Diary” where Bridget slips into shapewear, she pondered the importance of feeling confident even in these intimate moments. Haart, who previously served as the creative director of La Perla and later launched her own shapewear brand, +Body, understands that women deserve to feel beautiful inside and out.

No longer resigned to drab and unflattering options, Haart challenges the notion of unsightly granny panties. She envisions undergarments that are just as visually appealing underneath clothing as they are seductive when revealed. By fusing function and style, Haart’s designs allow women to embrace their bodies and confidently showcase their lingerie as an integral part of their night-out ensembles.

Haart’s central style advice rests on the foundation of dressing for oneself. The key ingredient to attractiveness is confidence. By curating an underwear capsule wardrobe that aligns with your personal style, you can amplify your self-assurance and embrace your unique beauty.

1. Unseen Elegance

Haart’s bodysuits are designed to be exceptionally thin, ensuring they remain undetectable under any outfit. The beauty of these pieces lies in their ability to blend seamlessly with your clothing while adding a touch of allure. Whether you choose to wear a light pink dress or any other garment, these versatile bodysuits will remain hidden, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable.

2. Versatile Bras

A well-fitting and versatile bra is an essential component of any underwear capsule wardrobe. Haart emphasizes the importance of investing in bras that not only offer support but also adapt to different outfits effortlessly. Consider selecting bras with adjustable straps and convertible designs to cater to your diverse fashion choices.

3. High-Quality Materials

Investing in high-quality fabrics and craftsmanship is crucial when creating a confidence-boosting underwear collection. Haart’s designs prioritize both style and durability, ensuring that your lingerie withstands the test of time while making you feel fabulous.

4. Embrace Color and Patterns

Gone are the days of purely practical underwear. Haart encourages embracing color and patterns to reflect your personality and mood. Don’t be afraid to experiment with vibrant hues and playful prints that make you feel confident and empowered.

Julia Haart’s journey from a strict religious community to the world of fashion encapsulates the transformative power of clothing. By infusing her designs with self-expression and empowerment, she has redefined the role of undergarments. Embrace her confidence-boosting tips to curate an underwear capsule wardrobe that embodies your unique style and radiates self-assured beauty.


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