Rick Ross Reflects on Embarrassing Moment at the White House

Rick Ross Reflects on Embarrassing Moment at the White House

Rick Ross recently looked back on a cringe-worthy incident that occurred during a meeting with former President Obama at the White House. During an interview with Complex’s Speedy Mormon, as part of the promotion for his joint album with Meek Mill, Ross shared the details of the embarrassing moment when his ankle monitor suddenly went off. Ross had been placed under house arrest in 2015 after being arrested for aggravated assault and aggravated battery.

Recalling the incident, Ross explained how he attempted to navigate his way around Washington D.C. while still being confined to house arrest. The rapper admitted that he was hoping to remain discreet, but when his ankle monitor began beeping uncontrollably, it was impossible to ignore. Despite his efforts to slump in his seat and go unnoticed, the Secret Service swiftly sprang into action to investigate the source of the noise.

As the ankle monitor continued to beep, Ross couldn’t help but feel increasingly anxious. However, he was surprised when former President Obama addressed the situation and made a comment about it. Ross chose not to disclose the specific details of their conversation, teasing that fellow rapper Busta Rhymes, who was also present at the time, might have some insights to share.

The meeting at the White House included several prominent figures from the hip hop industry. Besides Ross and Meek Mill, the guest list featured J. Cole, Wale, Chance The Rapper, DJ Khaled, and Nicki Minaj, who was dating Meek at the time. Interestingly, Meek revealed that he, too, was under house arrest during the event and only learned about the ankle monitor mishap after Nicki reprimanded him for not capitalizing on the opportunity.

Despite the initial embarrassment and stress of the situation, Ross now looks back at the incident with a sense of humor. He admits that he finds it amusing and bursts into tears of laughter. The rapper has certainly moved on from the ankle monitor mishap and is able to enjoy the humor of the situation.

Rick Ross fondly reminisces about the time his ankle monitor wreaked havoc during a meeting with President Obama at the White House. This embarrassing moment, which initially caused him distress, now brings nothing but laughter. The incident serves as a reminder that even in highly esteemed settings, unexpected mishaps can occur, allowing us to find comedy in the most unexpected places.


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