Royal Fashion Divides Experts in “The Crown”: A Closer Look at Kate Middleton’s Iconic Style

Royal Fashion Divides Experts in “The Crown”: A Closer Look at Kate Middleton’s Iconic Style

Kate Middleton’s portrayal in Netflix’s hit drama series, “The Crown,” has sparked mixed reactions among royal experts. As the final season delves into Middleton’s journey from commoner to royal, the show’s costume designers aimed to recreate her iconic early 2000s looks. However, opinions differ on whether the on-screen ensembles accurately capture her style.

One particular outfit from Middleton’s university days supposedly played a significant role in her love story with Prince William. The future princess wore a see-through black skirt as a dress during a student fashion show, catching William’s attention. While actress Meg Bellamy struts the catwalk in a recreated version of the dress, some critics argue that the TV version feels “almost too polished.” Royal expert Christine Ross highlights that Middleton’s university fashion was more about confidence, fun, and friendship, rather than overt sex appeal.

“The Crown” also showcases several other recreations of Middleton’s wardrobe, including her beloved Penelope Chilvers Long Tassel riding boots. These boots, still worn by the royal today, were first publicly seen in 2004. Penelope Chilvers, the brand’s designer, expresses her admiration for Middleton as a loyal customer and brand ambassador. She applauds Middleton for promoting sustainability by consistently wearing the same boots for nearly two decades.

The show’s costume designers went to great lengths to include authentic pieces in Middleton’s on-screen wardrobe. They even scoured the internet to find genuine Y2K items through online platforms like eBay. Sidonie Roberts, one of “The Crown’s” costume designers, shares how they discovered original pieces that Middleton had previously worn. However, some critics, like Christine Ross, question the costume department’s choices, suggesting they fell short on recreating some of Middleton’s other youthful styles.

Despite divided opinions among experts, some believe that “The Crown” accurately portrayed Middleton’s early style. Kinsey Schofield, founder of To Di For Daily and royal podcaster, commends the show for excellently executing Middleton’s wardrobe. She praises the portrayal of Middleton as a modest, sporty girl with effortless hair and makeup. Schofield asserts that Middleton’s relatable style struck a chord with viewers during that era.

Schofield also points out the show’s attention to detail regarding Middleton’s mother, Carole Middleton. Just as in real life, the on-screen portrayal depicts Carole dressing in similar styles to her daughter. This accuracy further enhances the authenticity of Middleton’s early fashion choices.

While viewers do not get to witness Middleton’s transition to a royal fiancée in “The Crown,” the final season immerses fans in the nostalgic charm of early 2000s royal fashion. Despite differing opinions on the execution of Middleton’s wardrobe, it is clear that the show successfully captures the essence of her iconic style and its influence on the fashion landscape.

“The Crown” may have divided experts on its portrayal of Kate Middleton’s fashion, but it undeniably provides a captivating glimpse into her journey from ordinary student to future princess. Whether it’s recreating her attention-grabbing fashion show dress or showcasing her beloved riding boots, the final season of “The Crown” celebrates the early style choices that shaped Middleton’s image. Despite its interpretation of her wardrobe being a topic of debate, the show undeniably adds a touch of early 2000s royal nostalgia to our screens.


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