Selena Gomez Caught Texting ‘Cute Boys’ on Set

Selena Gomez Caught Texting ‘Cute Boys’ on Set

During the filming of her latest episode of the Food Network series “Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays,” Selena Gomez was caught texting “cute boys.” The incident occurred while she was making malva pudding with professional chef Eric Adjepong. In a playful manner, Gomez mentioned that she was going to set a timer to see if any cute guys would text her. However, her bluff was called when her iPhone emitted the sound of a message being sent. Caught in the act, Gomez turned red and smiled, admitting that she had been caught. It seems that Selena Gomez may have been a bit distracted on set.

Curiosity piqued, her best friend and co-host, Raquelle Stevens, immediately asked Selena who she was texting. Gomez, knowing she couldn’t hide the truth, shyly revealed that she had an upcoming date later that night. While Stevens teased Selena that she could probably guess who was on the receiving end of those messages, Gomez encouraged her to keep it a secret. This playful revelation adds an air of mystery surrounding Gomez’s love interests during the filming of the episode.

The exact timeline of when the particular episode was filmed remains unclear. However, this playful conversation aired roughly two weeks after Selena Gomez confirmed she had been dating music producer Benny Blanco, who is also a friend of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Although it is unclear if the texts she received on set were from Blanco or someone else, it is fascinating to consider the potential connections between Gomez’s personal life and her professional endeavors.

Selena Gomez’s affection for Benny Blanco was made evident through a series of Instagram comments and posts. In these comments, Gomez referred to Blanco as her “absolute everything” and the “best thing that’s ever happened” to her. She expressed that Blanco treats her better than anyone else she has encountered. Further displaying her fondness for him, Gomez flaunted a sparkling ring with a crystal “B” on her left ring finger and shared intimate photos of the couple. Gomez’s public displays of affection paint the picture of a love filled with adoration.

Just before publicly confirming Blanco as her boyfriend, Selena Gomez offered insight into what she desires in a relationship. In an interview with Vogue México y Latinoamérica, she emphasized the importance of self-respect and the need for space to accommodate everyone’s feelings. Gomez expressed that finding someone who can genuinely listen and care for her is a difficult yet essential aspect of a healthy relationship. It appears that Benny Blanco may be fulfilling these desires for Gomez, as their romance continues to unfold.

Selena Gomez’s playful dialogue and supposed texting habits on the set of “Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays” hint at the complexities of her love life. From mysterious texts to her blossoming relationship with Benny Blanco, Gomez’s personal life intertwined with her professional work showcases the challenges and joys of finding love. As fans, we can only anticipate what the future holds for Selena Gomez and the love she has found in Blanco.


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