Shakur Stevenson vs. Devin Haney: A Fight That May Never Happen

Shakur Stevenson vs. Devin Haney: A Fight That May Never Happen

One of the most talked-about potential fights in the world of boxing is between Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney. Both young boxers have shown immense skill and talent in the ring, making this matchup highly anticipated among fans. However, despite the desire from fans and even Shakur Stevenson himself, it seems unlikely that this fight will ever come to fruition. Let’s examine the reasons behind this and explore the dynamics between the two fighters.

Shakur Stevenson, a 26-year-old undefeated fighter with a record of 20-0 (10 KOs), recently spoke out about his desire to face Devin Haney. In an interview, Stevenson expressed his challenge to Haney, daring him to come back down to the lightweight division and fight him. This bold statement showcases Stevenson’s confidence in his abilities and his eagerness to prove himself as “the truth.”

While Stevenson expressed his interest in fighting Haney, he also acknowledged that there are other potential matchups on the horizon. Currently, Stevenson is eyeing a fight against Vasyl Lomachenko, another highly skilled boxer. Stevenson believes that if he and Lomachenko win their respective fights, it could pave the way for an eventual showdown between him and Haney. However, it appears that Haney has different plans for his career.

Devin Haney, a 24-year-old rising star in the boxing world, recently announced that he is moving up a weight class to the super lightweight division. This decision comes as a surprise to some, especially considering the potential matchup against Stevenson in the lightweight division. One might wonder why Haney would pass up the opportunity to prove himself against another top contender.

When asked about Haney’s reluctance to fight him, Stevenson offered his insights. He believes that Haney sees him as a significant risk, someone who is difficult to deal with inside the ring. Stevenson’s confidence in his abilities and his track record in the boxing world have likely made Haney wary of stepping into the ring with him. Stevenson’s assertiveness and self-belief may have contributed to Haney’s decision to move up in weight class, where he sees a potentially easier path.

When Stevenson was questioned about Haney’s level of confidence in winning the fight, his response was intriguing. He stated that while Haney may believe in himself, deep down, he knows that Stevenson is “the truth.” This suggests that even though Haney has the skill and talent, he may have doubts about his ability to defeat Stevenson. These doubts could be a factor in his decision to avoid the matchup altogether.

Given the circumstances, it seems unlikely that fans will get to witness the highly anticipated matchup between Stevenson and Haney. Stevenson himself is not optimistic about the probability of this fight happening, estimating only a 20% chance. He questions the logic behind Haney moving up in weight class and then immediately coming back down to challenge him for the belts. Stevenson doubts Haney’s willingness to take such a bold step.

While the boxing world eagerly awaits a potential clash between Shakur Stevenson and Devin Haney, it seems increasingly unlikely that this fight will ever materialize. Both fighters possess incredible skill and talent, but the dynamics between them have made it difficult for this matchup to come to fruition. Whether it is Haney’s hesitation, his doubts about his chances of winning, or his decision to move up in weight class, the future of this fight remains uncertain. For now, fans will have to wait and see what the future holds for these two rising stars in the boxing world.


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