Sharon Stone Comments on Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife’s Child Support Battle

Sharon Stone Comments on Kevin Costner’s Estranged Wife’s Child Support Battle

In a surprising comment, actress Sharon Stone has spoken out about her ex-husband’s views on child support, drawing parallels to the ongoing legal battle between Kevin Costner and his estranged wife, Christine Baumgatner. Stone made the revelation in response to an Instagram post detailing Baumgatner’s day in court, where she requested an increase in child support payments. The post shared insights into the luxurious lifestyle that the couple’s children had become accustomed to as the offspring of the famous Yellowstone actor.

The Child Support Battle

Baumgatner, who currently receives $129,000 per month in child support, appeared in court seeking an even higher amount of $161,592. Notably, this figure was a substantial reduction from her initial request of $175,057 per month. As she presented pictures showcasing her children’s lavish experiences, Baumgatner reportedly became emotional and told the judge that the lifestyle they were accustomed to was much more than what was shown. She described it as an “experience” that offered a sense of community and highlighted their recreational activities, such as arts and crafts in the “surf garage,” volleyball in the garden, and swimming in the infinity pool. Her lawyers emphasized that luxury had become a defining aspect of their children’s lives, stating that it was “in their DNA at this point.”

In response to the revelations made in court, Sharon Stone chimed in, claiming that her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein, shared similar views. Stone, famously known for her role in Basic Instinct, added a laughing emoji to suggest a touch of sarcasm. Stone and Bronstein, a newspaper editor, were married in 1998 and adopted a son named Roan in 2000. However, their marriage eventually ended in divorce in 2004, with Bronstein winning custody of Roan in 2008. Stone went on to adopt two more children, and years later, Roan relocated to Los Angeles to live with his siblings and mother. The extent of any child support payments made by Stone to Bronstein remains unclear.

The Costner-Baumgatner Divorce

Meanwhile, Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgatner tied the knot in 2004 and had three children: Cayden (16), Hayes (14), and Grace (13). However, their marriage unraveled, and Baumgatner filed for divorce in May 2023. The couple has since been embroiled in a bitter court battle over child support and other matters. In a twist to the case, Baumgatner’s lawyers requested evidence of any extramarital affairs on Costner’s part, including related expenses. Costner, now 68, vehemently denied engaging in any extramarital relationships and through his legal team, stated that he cannot confirm whether Baumgatner had relationships with others or if she had spent his money on such affairs. The couple’s disagreement also involves accusations from Baumgatner about Costner “withholding evidence,” being “stonewalling,” and behaving “evasively” regarding his finances.

Christine Baumgatner’s legal team recently presented forensic account analysis that allegedly revealed Kevin Costner’s significant cash reserves. As of June 30, 2023, various accounts and entities connected to Costner held a staggering $17,293,117 in cash equivalents. This analysis implies that not only does Costner possess ample funds to meet his child support obligations, but he also has the means to cover the exorbitant attorneys’ fees and costs for both parties involved.

The ongoing child support battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgatner has garnered attention for the extravagant lifestyle their children have enjoyed. Sharon Stone’s comment on her ex-husband’s similar mindset regarding child support adds another intriguing aspect to the situation. As the legal battle continues, the focus remains on determining a fair child support amount that upholds the children’s accustomed way of life while taking into account the financial capabilities of the parties involved.


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