Snoop Dogg’s Brief Coffee Adventure Ends Abruptly

Snoop Dogg’s Brief Coffee Adventure Ends Abruptly

Snoop Dogg, the iconic hip-hop artist and cannabis enthusiast, made a surprising entrance into the coffee industry earlier this year with the launch of INDOxyz. Partnering with Indonesian businessman Michael Riady, Snoop aimed to revolutionize the coffee industry by offering premium coffee and trendy espresso martinis in a can. The brand’s name, INDOxyz, was even inspired by a lyric from Snoop’s hit song “Gin and Juice.” With a flashy campaign featuring Snoop as the face of the brand, the expectations were high for the Doggfather to bring his passion for coffee and his successful music career together.

However, just two months after its launch, INDOxyz met an abrupt end. Snoop Dogg quietly stepped away from the brand at the start of the summer, leaving many wondering what led to this unexpected exit. According to insider sources, Snoop’s decision to leave was prompted by alleged issues involving Michael Riady’s management, which were brought to the attention of the board by the brand’s president, Elbert Song. Concerned about these allegations, Snoop and his legal team launched an investigation into the matter.

After 16 days of investigation, Snoop and his team decided to sever all ties with the company, relinquishing their ownership and stake without offering a clear explanation for their departure. This sudden exit not only left INDOxyz in a state of uncertainty but also raised questions about the future of the brand without its celebrity partner.

Elbert Song, who also left the brand following Snoop’s departure, expressed his disappointment with the end of their collaboration. However, he remained optimistic about supporting a new venture called Flowin Coffee, founded by Tamie Tran.

On the other hand, Michael Riady, the Indonesian businessman behind INDOxyz, reportedly claimed that the split with Snoop was due to a disagreement over music for marketing purposes. According to a source, Riady believes Snoop left because they couldn’t see eye-to-eye on the branding strategy involving music.

It remains unclear whether Riady will continue operating the brand without Snoop’s involvement. Neither Riady nor a representative for Snoop Dogg has provided further details or clarifications regarding the circumstances surrounding their separation.

Snoop Dogg’s brief foray into the coffee industry had initially sparked intrigue and excitement among fans and coffee enthusiasts alike. The promise of a premium coffee brand, coupled with the charismatic presence of Snoop, drew attention and raised hopes for an innovative and refreshing approach to the world of coffee.

Unfortunately, the sudden end of INDOxyz after just two months left a sense of disappointment and bewilderment. Many had believed that Snoop’s involvement would bring a distinct flavor and energy to the brand, connecting his musical legacy to the world of coffee. However, the reported issues and subsequent exit of both Snoop and the brand’s president brought the venture to an untimely halt.

The coffee industry will have to wait for another opportunity to witness the potential marriage of music and coffee, as Snoop Dogg’s endeavor with INDOxyz falls short of its initial promise. Only time will tell if another visionary will step up and take the coffee world by storm, forging a new path that successfully blends the art of coffee and the power of music.


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