Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes Introduce Their Newest Addition: A Dog!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes Introduce Their Newest Addition: A Dog!

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Olivia Dunne and her boyfriend, Paul Skenes, are taking their relationship to the next level. The couple recently welcomed a furry addition to their lives – a cute little pup named Roux. Dunne, who is renowned for her gymnastics career and is the highest-earning female athlete in the NCAA, shared the exciting news with her followers on social media.

Dunne, 21, expressed her joy through a photo dump on her Instagram account. One of the pictures featured the couple at an LSU football game, with their arms lovingly wrapped around each other. Dunne looked stunning in a white mini dress, while Skenes went for a casual look with a gray LSU tee, black shorts, and a baseball cap. Their happiness was further evident in the series of heartwarming snaps that showed Dunne, Skenes, and Roux cuddling up on the couch. It’s clear that the dog has quickly become an integral part of their lives.

The couple’s furry friend was given a warm welcome to the world of social media as well. Dunne and Skenes created an Instagram account for Roux, where they shared a carousel post introducing their new family member. The caption on Roux’s page read, “Welcome to my life! 🐶❤️”. It’s delightful to see the couple’s enthusiasm for their four-legged companion and their desire to share their joy with their followers.

Olivia Dunne and Paul Skenes first confirmed their relationship two months ago, when Skenes, a talented baseball player drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates, posted a picture of himself with Dunne. The caption, “Back in the boot!”, hinted at their romantic connection. Dunne, who began her senior year at LSU this fall, commented with a simple but heartfelt message: “My ❤️”.

Being public figures, Dunne and Skenes have faced the challenges of balancing their love life with their individual careers and public attention. In an interview with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Skenes expressed his honest perspective on dealing with public scrutiny. He acknowledged that it can be challenging to go out together without being approached by fans requesting photos or autographs. Despite these obstacles, Skenes appreciates having someone who understands the unique demands of their chosen paths. He hopes that as he progresses in his baseball career, he will be able to provide Dunne with the opportunity to simply enjoy a game without the added pressure of their public status.

Olivia Dunne gained significant popularity on social media during the pandemic by sharing her gymnastics skills through TikTok videos. This newfound social media presence, combined with her impressive athletic achievements, has resulted in an NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) valuation of $3.2 million, according to On3 Sports. As for Paul Skenes, he is projected to make his Major League Baseball debut during the 2024 season, showcasing his talent and skill on a grand stage.

As Dunne and Skenes embark on this new chapter of their relationship with the addition of Roux, their love story continues to captivate fans and supporters. The couple’s commitment and shared passion for their respective sports, as well as their ability to navigate the challenges of fame, bode well for their future together. With love, a furry companion, and promising careers ahead, Dunne and Skenes have all the ingredients for a bright and fulfilling journey.


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