Stephen Colletti and Alex Weaver: A Love Story

Stephen Colletti and Alex Weaver: A Love Story

Stephen Colletti, famous for his role in “One Tree Hill,” and his girlfriend, Alex Weaver, recently announced their engagement in a heartwarming Instagram post. The picture-perfect moment captured the couple sharing a passionate kiss while perched on a picturesque ledge in Rome, Italy. The backdrop of the ancient city only added to the enchantment of the occasion.

The engagement ring chosen by Colletti was truly a sight to behold. An exquisite oval-shaped diamond sparkled atop a gold band, catching the light and radiating pure joy. Weaver featured the ring prominently in their Instagram carousel, ensuring that this precious symbol of their love was showcased to the world.

A Style Statement

Colletti sported a sophisticated navy blue jacket over a crisp white T-shirt, paired with dark slacks and polished black boots. His fashion choices reflected his timeless and refined taste. Weaver opted for a distinctive gray patterned cable-knit sweater, effortlessly paired with black pants and stylish Adidas sneakers. Each of them brought their unique sense of style to the moment, showcasing their individuality even in the face of their shared joy.

Their engagement announcement came as a surprise, as the couple had only just begun their long-awaited European vacation. From the looks of Weaver’s Instagram Story, their trip was off to a delicious start, indulging in pasta and gelato. The fatigue of jet lag did not dampen their spirits, as they celebrated their first day in Europe with a romantic snap taken at the picturesque Villa Medici.

Colletti and Weaver’s love story began last August when they made their relationship Instagram-official. The reality star expressed his happiness in a heartfelt caption accompanying a selfie of the couple enjoying each other’s company on a boat. Their connection was palpable, and Weaver lovingly reciprocated with her own words of affection in the comments.

Before his relationship with Weaver blossomed, Colletti had a high-profile romance with his “Laguna Beach” co-star, Kristin Cavallari. The former flames recently reunited as co-hosts of a “Laguna Beach” rewatch podcast, resulting in speculation about their relationship. However, Cavallari was quick to clarify that while they had become close again, there was no romance between them. Their shared history on the hit reality show became part of their narrative, but their paths ultimately diverged.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Colletti’s romantic journey also included relationships with fellow “Laguna Beach” alum Lauren Conrad and actress Hayden Panettiere. However, it was his two-year relationship with “One Tree Hill” co-star Chelsea Kane that attracted public attention. Their love story unfolded in the spotlight, capturing the hearts of fans. Despite their eventual separation in 2013, their time together remains a significant chapter in Colletti’s personal history.

Stephen Colletti and Alex Weaver’s engagement is a beautiful testament to their love and commitment. Their journey has taken them from hit reality shows to picturesque Roman landscapes and beyond. As they embark on this new chapter together, the world eagerly awaits their future adventures as a married couple.


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