Taylor Swift Supports the Kansas City Chiefs: A Fashion Statement of Love

Taylor Swift Supports the Kansas City Chiefs: A Fashion Statement of Love

Taylor Swift, known for her unwavering Philadelphia Eagles fandom, is expanding her wardrobe to support the Kansas City Chiefs. Attending a game against the New England Patriots in Foxborough, Massachusetts, Swift proudly displayed her love for boyfriend Travis Kelce, the team’s tight end. Despite facing some booing from disapproving fans in attendance, Swift and the Chiefs celebrated a victorious outcome. This display of support from the pop sensation delighted her fans, who relished seeing her decked out in Chiefs-themed attire once again. Alongside a vintage Kansas City sweatshirt, Swift wore scarlet lipstick, a garnet ring, and a knit beanie with Kelce’s jersey number. Notably, she donned a custom plaid pleated skirt from the brand Rails, featuring shades of red and black, paying homage to the team’s colors.

Taylor Swift’s fondness for plaid skirts and her influential role in the schoolgirl trend inspired Rails Vice President of Women’s Design, Linney Warren, to create a custom piece for the singer. The desire was to provide Swift with versatile additions to her wardrobe, seamlessly blending with her existing style. Warren expressed excitement when Swift decided to pair the plaid skirt with a vintage Chiefs sweatshirt for the game, affectionately adding a touch of nostalgia to her ensemble. Although these bespoke pieces are not available for purchase, Rails offers a similar plaid skirt called Prim, currently discounted at 30% off.

Publicly showcasing her affection for Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift has been sporting various Chiefs merchandise. From donning vintage clothing to adorning friendship bracelets featuring Kelce’s nickname and jersey number, Swift has made her love apparent. On her 34th birthday celebration, she proudly exhibited an opulent opal ring adorned with a halo of blue gems, fueling speculation that it may be a gift from Kelce. Valued at potentially $175,000, jewelry experts believe this extravagant pear-shaped sparkler symbolizes their union, incorporating both of their birthstones.

Sources exclusive to Page Six revealed that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce plan to spend both Christmas and New Year’s Eve together, indicating a significant milestone in their relationship. With this special occasion approaching, fans anticipate an array of Chiefs merchandise neatly wrapped under the couple’s Christmas tree. And as romance fills the air during the holiday season, mistletoe will likely play a role in their celebrations.

Taylor Swift’s support for the Kansas City Chiefs extends beyond the football field and into her fashion choices. By passionately incorporating Chiefs-themed pieces into her wardrobe, she not only showcases her admiration for Travis Kelce but also sets trends and inspires her dedicated fanbase. Whether it be plaid skirts or opulent jewelry, Swift’s relationship with Kelce and her involvement with the Chiefs continue to captivate fans and demonstrate the power of love and style.


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