The Adventures of Lara Spencer and Richard McVey: A Well-Deserved Getaway

The Adventures of Lara Spencer and Richard McVey: A Well-Deserved Getaway

Lara Spencer, the renowned anchor of Good Morning America, is finally able to enjoy some much-needed time off. After years of waking up early and delivering the news with grace and poise, she and her husband Richard McVey have decided to embark on a series of exciting adventures. Their journey began just after their youngest daughter, Katharine, left for college, leaving Lara and Richard to explore the world as empty nesters.

Although Lara and Richard may now have an empty house, they still enjoy the company of their two children, Duff and Kat. Recently, the couple had the opportunity to visit their respective colleges, immersing themselves in the vibrant campus life that their children now call home. These visits filled the void left by their youngest child’s departure, allowing Lara to share in the excitement and experience of college with her children.

Now, Lara and Richard have set off on their very own weekend getaway, savouring the freedom and relaxation that their newfound empty nest provides. The couple is embracing this new chapter in their lives and capturing their joy in a series of delightful Instagram posts. One such post portrays a radiant Lara and Richard, their cheeks pressed together, exuding happiness from every pore. The image reflects their deep connection and the love they share for one another.

The adventures of Lara and Richard have taken them to various colleges across the United States. They recently visited Southern Methodist University in Texas, where they attended Duff’s parents’ weekend. From there, they surprised Kat with a birthday weekend visit to Vanderbilt University. The couple then made their way to Notre Dame, but their hearts remained with Vanderbilt, as they cheered on the lacrosse team in a game against Notre Dame’s team.

Lara proudly shared her support for Vanderbilt in an Instagram caption, exclaiming, “Go DORES!” Her followers quickly flooded the comments section with words of encouragement and admiration for the couple. The delightful selfie and heartfelt messages convey the positivity and happiness that permeate Lara and Richard’s adventures.

Lara shares her two children with her ex-husband, CNN reporter David Haffenreffer. After their divorce in 2015, Lara found love once again with Richard McVey, an entrepreneur and CEO. The couple exchanged vows in a beautiful wedding held in Vail, Colorado on September 1, 2018. Though they now reside in Greenwich, Connecticut, their adventurous spirits continue to lead them on exciting journeys filled with love, laughter, and the company of their adorable dogs.

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Lara Spencer and Richard McVey are embracing their newfound freedom as empty nesters by embarking on exciting adventures together. From visiting their children at college to exploring campuses across the country, their journey is filled with love, joy, and an unwavering spirit of adventure. Join them as they create beautiful memories and take on new experiences in this next chapter of their lives.


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