The Anticipation of Casadonna: A Nerve-wracking Collaboration

The Anticipation of Casadonna: A Nerve-wracking Collaboration

When it comes to the glamorous world of nightlife, David Grutman and Noah Tepperberg are considered to be kings. However, even after decades of experience in the restaurant industry, the two entrepreneurs admit to feeling nervous about their latest venture, Casadonna. In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Grutman and Tepperberg express their anxiety and reveal their apprehensions about the grand opening of their first collaboration.

Tepperberg explains that feeling nervous is actually a good sign. He believes that if you don’t feel nervous, there might be something wrong. Grutman concurs, explaining that he often spirals and struggles to eat due to his anxiety. These confessions highlight the immense pressure the duo feels ahead of the grand opening. Despite their success in the industry, they understand the importance of pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones.

To ensure the success of Casadonna, Grutman and Tepperberg are bringing in the best players from their other restaurants. They understand the value of teamwork and ensemble cast dynamics. Grutman uses the analogy of a team sport, emphasizing the need for practice and coordination. By utilizing their tried and tested team members, they are confident in their ability to create a memorable dining experience.

Adding to the excitement, Grutman’s wife, Isabela Rangel, plans to host a fashion show at Casadonna for her eponymous brand. This collaboration between the worlds of fashion and dining adds an extra layer of anticipation to the grand opening. The combination of exquisite cuisine and a fashion showcase promises a night to remember.

For Tepperberg, Casadonna marks his entrance into South Florida’s nightlife scene. This move was made possible with the support of his best friend, Grutman. Tepperberg shares that he had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to enter the Miami market, and partnering with Grutman was a no-brainer. However, he recognizes that this venture is not just a financial investment, but also a significant investment of time and effort.

With a focus on Italian cuisine, Casadonna offers a diverse menu of homemade pastas, fresh fish, and delectable desserts. Both Grutman and Tepperberg have their favorite dishes. Grutman recommends the campanelle pasta with white bolognese, while Tepperberg suggests trying the prime beef or the cacio e pepe. Tepperberg even mentions that his picky eater son enjoyed the cacio e pepe, emphasizing its deliciousness.

Overall, the opening of Casadonna is a nerve-wracking endeavor for these nightlife moguls. Despite their years of experience, they understand the significance of this collaboration and the pressure to create something exceptional. With their skilled team in place and a fashionable showcase to add to the excitement, the grand opening of Casadonna promises to be an unforgettable event in Miami’s nightlife scene.


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