The Arrival of Rao’s in Miami: A Potential Threat to Carbone

The Arrival of Rao’s in Miami: A Potential Threat to Carbone

Meatball lovers in Miami have something to be excited about this fall as the famed eatery Rao’s is set to open its South Florida outpost. With its executive chef, Dino Gatto, already spotted at the soon-to-be-launched location, the restaurant is building up anticipation among locals and tourists alike. The new Rao’s will be located in the historic St. Moritz tower, adjacent to the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, taking over the former space of Lure Fishbar.

Rao’s entry into the Miami market means that Carbone, which currently holds the title of the town’s VIP red sauce spot, may face some fierce rivalry. With its reputation as a difficult-to-get-into restaurant, Rao’s already has Miami power players and loyal patrons vying for a table at its upcoming outpost. However, unlike its East Harlem original, the Miami location will offer reservations, allowing more guests to experience its authentic cuisine.

While everyone eagerly awaits the opening of Rao’s in Miami, exciting things are happening at the original New York City location. Recent sightings include celebrity bail bondsman Ira Judelson dining with “Entourage” star Kevin Dillon, who expressed interest in making a movie about Judelson’s life. Interestingly, Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel was also present, sparking rumors of a potential “Entourage” reboot. It’s worth noting that Ari Emanuel served as the inspiration for the show’s beloved and outrageous agent character, Ari Gold.

Rao’s isn’t just limited to New York City and Miami. It also has a successful location in Los Angeles. The restaurant has even partnered with Wheels Up for special pop-ups during events like the Super Bowl. These exclusive pop-ups have attracted a star-studded clientele, including CC Sabathia, Michael Strahan, Reggie Bush, Anthony Anderson, Tiki Barber, Ciara, and Russell Wilson.

Rao’s popularity isn’t solely reliant on its dine-in experience. The restaurant has also made a name for itself through its line of packaged sauces. In a remarkable deal, Rao’s packaged sauces were recently sold for a staggering $2.3 billion to Campbell Soup. This partnership not only solidifies Rao’s position as a culinary powerhouse but also opens up new opportunities for the brand to reach a wider consumer base.

With its arrival in Miami drawing closer, Rao’s is poised to make a significant impact on the local dining scene. As the town’s VIP red sauce spot, Carbone will need to step up its game to maintain its status. Rao’s unique offering of authentic Italian cuisine, coupled with its ability to accommodate reservations, is sure to attract a diverse crowd of food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a meatball lover or simply craving a taste of Rao’s renowned dishes, its new Miami outpost promises to be a welcome addition to the city’s culinary landscape.


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