The Biebers’ Support Sparks Coco Gauff to Victory at US Open

The Biebers’ Support Sparks Coco Gauff to Victory at US Open

The Biebers graced the US Open with their presence on Friday night, adding a major dose of star power to the event. Their support not only made headlines but also played a significant role in propelling Coco Gauff to victory. Coco, a rising tennis star, was competing in the third round of the women’s grand slam tournament against Elise Mertens at Arthur Ashe Stadium. It was during this intense match that Justin and Hailey Bieber’s attendance became a talking point.

Hailey Bieber looked stunning in a fashionable leather coat that showcased her impeccable sense of style. However, it was Justin who stole the show with his distinctive pink glasses and a polka-dot black cap turned backward. The couple’s striking appearances certainly added to the excitement in the stands, captivating the attention of fans and photographers alike.

The Biebers were undoubtedly there to show their unwavering support for Coco Gauff. Throughout the match, they enthusiastically cheered on the young talent, especially during pivotal moments. Their energy was infectious, spreading a wave of encouragement to Coco on the court. Justin and Hailey’s genuine investment in the game and their visible excitement undoubtedly had an impact on Gauff’s performance.

Coco Gauff herself attested to the influence that Justin and Hailey Bieber’s presence had on her game. After dropping the first set, Gauff admitted that she was inspired to turn the match around when she saw the famous couple in the stands. In an interview with an ESPN reporter, she revealed, “I definitely saw who was there. I thought, ‘I cannot lose in front of Justin Bieber.’ I didn’t lose a game after I saw that.” Her determination to impress her idol and her appreciation for the support from the Biebers highlighted the impact they had on her performance.

For Coco Gauff, the night at the US Open became a memorable one, thanks to the unexpected presence of Justin and Hailey Bieber. The fact that the couple took time out for a “date night” and attended her match added even more significance to the occasion. Gauff’s starstruck admiration for Justin and her appreciation for Hailey’s support demonstrated the impact that celebrities can have on young athletes.

Coco’s Bieber Favorites

After her thrilling victory, Gauff revealed her favorite Justin Bieber songs: “Never Say Never” and “Baby.” This fun anecdote underscored the connection she felt with the pop star and the significance of his presence at the tournament.

The Biebers’ attendance at the US Open breathed new life into Coco Gauff’s game. Their unwavering support and visible enthusiasm served as a catalyst for the young tennis sensation’s remarkable comeback. From their fashion choices to their vocal encouragement, Justin and Hailey Bieber made a lasting impact on the match. Their attendance at the US Open not only created a memorable experience for Coco Gauff but also showcased the power of celebrity support in elevating athletes’ performances.


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