The Bittersweet Christmas Memories of Jane McDonald

The Bittersweet Christmas Memories of Jane McDonald

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for many, but for beloved travel presenter Jane McDonald, it is a period filled with bittersweet memories. As she prepares to host Christmas Carols on ITV, memories of her late mother and late fiance come flooding back. Jane bid farewell to her mother, Jean, in December 2018, and her fiance Eddie Rothe proposed to her on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Eddie passed away in 2021 from lung cancer, leaving Jane with a mix of emotions during the festive season.

A Proposal to Remember

In her autobiography, “Riding The Waves,” Jane shared a touching detail from Eddie’s proposal. With tears in her eyes, she recalled the moment when Eddie cleared his throat and took out a ring from his pocket. He confessed, “Jane, you are definitely the one for me, and I should have done this 26 years ago. Will you marry me?” Overwhelmed by his words, Jane couldn’t help but burst into tears, causing some confusion and concern among onlookers who thought they had split up.

Jane and Eddie may not have been able to tie the knot before his passing, but their love story remains a cherished part of Jane’s life. In an emotional interview, Jane revealed that her upcoming tour is dedicated to Eddie, emphasizing that it is a celebration of his life rather than a mournful event. Reflecting on their 13 amazing years together, Jane expressed her gratitude for having had the privilege of sharing her life with Eddie. She believes she had the best of him and will forever be grateful for the time they had.

A Heartbreaking Loss

Discussing Eddie’s illness, Jane shared that his death was not a slow, drawn-out process. He did not display symptoms, making it even more difficult for her to comprehend his sudden departure. Jane took the opportunity to acknowledge the care provided by Wakefield Hospice, where Eddie received end-of-life care. She expressed immense gratitude towards them for their support during such a challenging time.

A Festive Concert Filled with Talent

As Jane prepares to host the Christmas Carols concert on ITV, she will be joined by an array of talented performers. Coronation Street star Jodie Prenger, singer/songwriter Jerub, West End Leading Lady Marisha Wallace, Anna Lapwood & the Pembroke College Chapel Choir, and multiplatinum-selling popera quartet G4 are all set to make appearances. Jane herself will also take the stage for two incredible festive performances, bringing her powerful voice and heartfelt emotions to the audience.

For Jane McDonald, Christmas is undoubtedly a time of mixed emotions. While she is thrilled to be hosting the Christmas Carols concert, memories of her mother’s passing and Eddie’s proposal and subsequent death make it a bittersweet period. However, Jane chooses to celebrate and honor their lives, finding solace in the precious memories she shared with both of them. As she embarks on her tour and takes the stage, she does so with the knowledge that their love will always be a part of her, guiding and inspiring her every step of the way.


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