The Bold Designs of Christina Hall’s Renovations

The Bold Designs of Christina Hall’s Renovations

Christina Hall has once again captured the attention of fans with her bold design choices in the latest season of Christina in the Country. In a recent Instagram story, the former Flip or Flip host revealed a unique addition to a rustic country bar: a deer head wall mount. The deer head was mounted on a high wooden panelled wall painted charcoal, adding an unexpected touch to the space. Hall shared that the inspiration for this daring design came from a bar in Franklin, TN, showcasing the roots of her decision-making process.

Additionally, Hall provided a sneak peek into the property owner’s involvement in the renovation. Songwriter Jeremy Popoff serenaded the crew at the end of the home reveal, truly adding a personalized touch to the project. Hall expressed her gratitude towards Jeremy and his partner, Lauren, for trusting her and her team with their home remodel.

Christina in the Country is a new spinoff from Christina’s successful property remodeling shows. The first series focused on Hall setting up roots in Tennessee and renovating her own farm. Since then, she has expanded her expertise to remodel other people’s properties, highlighting her exceptional eye for interior design. The new episodes of Christina in the Country are set to premiere in 2024, adding to the anticipation surrounding Hall’s successful career.

In addition to the latest spinoff, Christina on the Coast has also been renewed for 2024, marking its fifth season. It is evident that Hall has had a busy year filming for the two upcoming seasons. Alongside renovating other people’s properties, the real estate investor unveiled renovations to her own remarkable $12 million home. Showcasing her design choices, Hall described the house as a unique blend of ultra-modern elements softened with natural wood, live plants, and hints of “Bali” elements, as well as contrasting black accents.

Fans of Christina Hall were also treated to a glimpse into the stunning rooms of her three children: Taylor, Brayden, and Hudson. Hall’s design style, characterized by bright, airy, and neutral themes, extended to her kids’ rooms. However, she added personalized touches to make each room special.

Taylor’s room featured her name written in elegant gold cursive above her plush double bed, adorned on a white panelled wall. This simple addition adds a touch of luxury and personalization to the space. On the other hand, Brayden and Hudson’s room incorporated color coding with predominantly black, navy, and white elements. A surfboard adorned the wall, reflecting a playful and adventurous spirit. The addition of cuddly toys on their beds embraced the childlike essence of the room, making it a cozy and inviting space for the young boys.

Christina’s Personal Paradise

Even Christina Hall’s own bedroom showcases her impeccable taste and design sensibilities. Shared with her husband, Joshua Hall, the bedroom exudes a sense of tranquility and serenity. With grand wooden floors, the room offers a picturesque view of the surrounding woodlands, creating a connection to nature. The grand white curtains provide privacy in the evenings, shielding the space from the outside world while still allowing natural light to illuminate the room during the day.

Christina Hall continues to impress with her bold design choices showcased in Christina in the Country. Her ability to infuse personal touches, explore varying design styles, and create unique spaces is a testament to her talent as an interior designer. From the addition of a deer head wall mount to personalized elements in her kids’ rooms, Hall consistently pushes boundaries while maintaining a sense of comfort and aesthetic appeal. As fans eagerly await the premiere of the new seasons of her shows, it is evident that Christina Hall’s influence in the world of property remodeling and interior design will continue to grow.


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