The Break-Up of Blackpink Star Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun: A Result of Their Hectic Schedules

The Break-Up of Blackpink Star Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun: A Result of Their Hectic Schedules

Blackpink star Jisoo and her beau Ahn Bo-hyun have recently called it quits. According to JTBC, the K-pop star and the South Korean actor have “naturally become estranged from each other due to their busy schedules.” Representatives for Ahn Bo-hyun confirmed the split in a statement to Sports Chosun. Unfortunately, they weren’t immediately available to provide any further comment on the matter to Page Six.

Jisoo, 28, and Bo-hyun, 35, were first linked romantically in August when they were seen together in Seoul, South Korea. FN Entertainment reported that the two were “getting to know each other carefully with a good feeling.” A statement from Jisoo and Bo-hyun’s camp asked the public to watch them with warm eyes. However, it seems that their demanding schedules may have played a part in their separation.

Ahn Bo-hyun has been keeping busy with his film projects. JTBC revealed that he is preparing for the release of his movie “Noryang: Sea of Death” in December, and his other film “2 O’Clock Date” is expected to follow soon. As for Jisoo, the “How You Like That” songstress is reportedly considering a role in the film “Omniscient Reader’s Perspective.” This new career opportunity may be an exciting chapter for her as she continues to explore acting.

Although Jisoo is widely recognized as a member of the successful K-pop group Blackpink, she has also ventured into acting. She made her screen debut in 2021 with the Korean TV series “Snowdrop.” Jisoo’s recent accomplishment includes wrapping up a world tour with Blackpink just last month. The all-girl band, consisting of Jisoo, Jennie Kim, Lalisa, and Rosé, has been on tour since October 2022 for their “Born Pink” concert series.

During their Melbourne concert in June, Blackpink faced a scare when Jennie Kim experienced a “deteriorating condition” that led to the cancellation of their show. Footage from the incident showed Jennie breathing heavily and nearly falling over on stage. A statement from the group’s representatives emphasized Jennie’s determination to carry on with the performance until the end. However, after receiving medical advice, they prioritized her rest and stability.

The break-up between Jisoo and Ahn Bo-hyun sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals in high-demand industries such as K-pop and acting. Their busy schedules and commitments may have contributed to their natural estrangement. As Jisoo and Bo-hyun explore new opportunities in their respective careers, it remains to be seen if their paths will cross again in the future.


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