The Case of Mistaken Identity: The Not-So-Bella Hadid

The Case of Mistaken Identity: The Not-So-Bella Hadid

During the recent Diesel spring 2024 fashion show in Milan, an unexpected moment created waves on social media. A model, who bore a striking resemblance to Bella Hadid, closed out the show and left fans confused. The brunette model, London-based Dalton Dubois, became the subject of mistaken identity, with many believing she was the famous Hadid sister.

Leading up to the show, Dubois had been inundated with comments on her Instagram, comparing her to Bella Hadid. Users expressed their confusion, with one person commenting, “The way I was scrolling and thought it was Bella,” and another exclaiming, “Literally thought you were Bella omg.” The mix-up reached its peak when a Twitter user clarified that it was Dalton Dubois, not Bella Hadid, who closed the Diesel show. Some even humorously suggested that Dubois embrace the mistake and make it her “whole personality.”

The resemblance between Dalton Dubois and Bella Hadid caused quite a stir among fashion enthusiasts. Fans jokingly shared images of Dubois on the runway, captioning them as “Bella Hadid at home.” Others marveled at the audience’s reaction, highlighting Dubois’ undeniable star power as a supermodel. It became a topic of fascination, with some individuals mentioning that they had never seen both Dubois and Hadid in the same room, adding to the intrigue.

However, not everyone was convinced that the resemblance was uncanny. One Twitter user shrugged off the mix-up, stating that any girl with high cheekbones and light eyes would be mistaken for Bella Hadid. This skepticism sheds light on the subjective nature of resemblance and highlights the importance of looking beyond mere physical attributes to recognize individuality.

While the confusion surrounding Dalton Dubois highlighted her modeling prowess, it also drew attention to Bella Hadid’s absence from the runway. Bella, who has been battling Lyme disease, took a break from her career to focus on treatment. Although she made a comeback in August and participated in a unique photoshoot for Marc Jacobs, Bella has yet to grace the catwalk since October 2022.

The case of mistaken identity surrounding Dalton Dubois serves as a reminder of how appearances can deceive. It also underscores the fascination people have with celebrity look-alikes and the power of social media in amplifying such occurrences. Whether you see the resemblance or not, one thing is clear: both Dalton Dubois and Bella Hadid possess their unique qualities that contribute to their individual successes in the world of fashion.


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