The Contradictions of Lizzo’s Online Persona Amidst a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

The Contradictions of Lizzo’s Online Persona Amidst a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Lizzo, the Grammy-winning artist known for her body positivity and empowering lyrics, is facing criticism for her recent carefree twerking video posted on Instagram. The video, set to Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s new song “Bongos,” shows Lizzo shaking her butt for the camera while wearing a cheeky blue floral bikini. While some fans enjoyed the lightheartedness of the video, others were not amused given the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit against the singer.

Risqué Antics Amidst Allegations

The twerking video comes just a month after three of Lizzo’s former backup dancers filed a lawsuit accusing her of weight-shaming and sexually denigrating behavior. The fans who expressed their displeasure with Lizzo’s social media antics pointed out the disconnect between her behavior and the serious allegations being made against her. They questioned whether she was addressing the lawsuit with the seriousness it deserved.

Some fans openly expressed their disappointment and frustration with Lizzo’s actions, with one user commenting, “Are we really just going to go on like she didn’t pressure her team into sexual acts?” Another user decided to unfollow Lizzo, deeming her behavior unnecessary. It was evident that these fans felt let down by Lizzo and expected her to demonstrate accountability for her actions.

A Call for Seriousness and Accountability

A third fan voiced their concerns, writing, “Really wish you would address what’s going on with some seriousness. We all looked up to you and need you to show us that your words are true.” This sentiment represents the expectations that many fans had of Lizzo as a role model and an advocate for self-love and acceptance. They wanted her to acknowledge the gravity of the allegations and take appropriate action.

Lizzo’s Response to the Lawsuit

Lizzo did respond to the lawsuit on August 3rd, vehemently denying the claims made by her former dancers. In a statement shared on Instagram, she expressed her disappointment that her work ethic, morals, and respectfulness were being questioned. While she usually chooses not to respond to false allegations, she believed that these claims were too outrageous to ignore. However, despite her denial, some fans are still waiting for an apology from the artist.

A Divided Fanbase

The response from Lizzo’s fanbase has been mixed. Some fans continue to support her, with one user imploring others to “let that woman live her life.” They argue that she should not be judged solely based on the lawsuit but should be given the space to express herself freely. On the other hand, there are fans who believe that Lizzo should be held accountable, and they are waiting for her to take responsibility and apologize for any harm caused.

Lizzo’s Unbothered Persona

Throughout this controversy, Lizzo has maintained a seemingly unbothered demeanor on both public platforms and social media. She continues to share content that exudes confidence and happiness, which some fans find contradictory given the seriousness of the allegations against her. This juxtaposition between her carefree persona and the ongoing lawsuit has only intensified the criticism and debate surrounding Lizzo’s actions.

Behind the scenes, Lizzo’s legal team is reportedly planning to countersue the three dancers who filed the lawsuit. This development has further fueled the dispute between the parties involved. The dancers’ lawyer has criticized Lizzo’s team for their alleged intimidation tactics and victim shaming. He believes that this behavior perpetuates the same toxic environment that employees in the entertainment industry often face when dealing with harassment.

Lizzo finds herself at the center of a contradictory situation. While her carefree social media presence clashes with the seriousness of the ongoing sexual harassment lawsuit, her fans and critics alike are divided in their responses. Some fans defend her right to live her life freely, while others expect her to demonstrate accountability and apologize. As the legal battle continues, Lizzo’s actions and statements will undoubtedly be under scrutiny, and only time will tell how this controversy will affect her career and public image.


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