The Controversial Departure of Priyanka Chopra from Sona

The Controversial Departure of Priyanka Chopra from Sona

The Indian restaurant Sona, located in the upscale Flat Iron District of New York City, was once known as a sceney spot frequented by the city’s elite Indian crowd. However, the sudden departure of Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra and her pal Maneesh Goyal from the restaurant left many foodie insiders shocked. Chopra’s exit from the business came unexpectedly over the summer, merely two years after its launch. This surprising turn of events has left many wondering about the reasons behind Chopra’s departure and the future of Sona.

Despite the amicable statements made by both parties following Chopra’s exit, rumors still persist that she left on bad terms. The Indian community, which once gathered together for joint events, such as the Diwali bash at the Pierre Hotel hosted by Chopra and her BFF Anjula Acharia, is now experiencing a divide. This year, Acharia is hosting her Diwali party at the Pierre again, while Goyal has planned a separate event at the Mandarin Oriental. The split has caused tension within the South Asian chic set, with individuals being forced to choose between the two parties, resembling a post-divorce holiday gathering.

Maneesh Goyal, expressing his enthusiasm for the upcoming Diwali season, commented on the divided celebrations, stating that he is thrilled that the South Asian community is large and vibrant enough to warrant two events. Although Goyal continues to speak highly of Chopra, referring to her as remaining in the Sona family, it is clear that the dynamics have shifted and their collaboration as creative partners has come to an end. Despite these changes, both parties seem focused on their respective new chapters.

The departure of Priyanka Chopra raises questions about the future of Sona. Known for its upscale dining experience and its embodiment of Indian haute cuisine, Sona was initially praised for its unique approach to storytelling through food. Chopra, with her passion for bringing Indian culture to the forefront, played a significant role in the restaurant’s branding. However, without her involvement as a creative partner moving forward, it remains to be seen how the restaurant will adapt and continue to thrive.

As the aftermath of Priyanka Chopra’s departure unfolds, uncertainty and speculation linger. The lack of response from Chopra’s representative regarding her exit further fuels the rumors surrounding her departure. Food enthusiasts and Indian culture enthusiasts alike are left wondering what prompted the split and what lies ahead for Sona.

While Sona once stood as a prominent Indian restaurant frequented by the city’s elite Indian crowd, the unexpected departure of Priyanka Chopra has left a void. The divided Diwali celebrations further highlight the changing dynamics within the South Asian chic set. As both Chopra and Goyal embark on new journeys, the future of Sona remains uncertain. Only time will tell how the restaurant will adapt and whether it will continue to be a hub for Indian culture in the Flat Iron District.


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