The Controversial Doja Cat: Criticism for Wearing Sam Hyde T-Shirt

The Controversial Doja Cat: Criticism for Wearing Sam Hyde T-Shirt

Doja Cat, the popular American singer and rapper, is facing severe backlash after recent social media photos showed her wearing a t-shirt with the face of controversial comic Sam Hyde. Hyde has been linked to the neo-Nazi movement, which has caused widespread outrage and disappointment among Doja Cat’s fans. This article delves into the controversy surrounding the artist’s fashion choice and explores the criticism she has received.

Sam Hyde, a well-known comedian, made headlines in June 2017 for pledging $5,000 to neo-Nazi blogger Andrew Anglin and his website, the Daily Stormer. The website was embroiled in a legal battle with the Southern Poverty Law Center over allegations of trolling a Jewish woman. According to reports, Hyde’s online presence attracted an audience consisting of white nationalists, misogynists, and antisemites. This association with the neo-Nazi movement raises serious concerns about his beliefs and values.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Sam Hyde, Doja Cat posted, and subsequently deleted, photos on Instagram featuring herself wearing a black t-shirt adorned with Hyde holding a rifle. The choice of clothing immediately sparked disappointment and outrage among her fans, who took to Instagram to express their disapproval. Criticisms ranged from accusations of pandering to incels and racist chat rooms to labeling her as a terrible person.

Doja Cat’s fans wasted no time in voicing their disappointment and frustration over her fashion choice. Many expressed their disbelief that she would align herself with controversial figures and accused her of catering to a certain audience to maintain her career. The artist’s reputation took a hit as fans questioned her character and authenticity, labeling her as a “pick me for incels” and a “trailer trash white woman.”

Doja Cat’s Response

While Doja Cat has not directly addressed the criticism, she posted another photo on Instagram wearing the controversial t-shirt, albeit with Sam Hyde’s face cropped out. The caption included several eye-roll emojis, suggesting her annoyance with her fans’ remarks. The lack of a response or clarification from the artist and her representation leaves many questioning her intentions and values.

The controversy surrounding Doja Cat’s decision to wear a t-shirt featuring Sam Hyde’s face has left her reputation tarnished in the eyes of many fans. The association with a figure tied to the neo-Nazi movement has raised concerns about the artist’s beliefs and values. While critics and fans express disappointment and frustration, Doja Cat’s response (or lack thereof) only further fuels speculation and raises questions about her character. Ultimately, it is up to Doja Cat to address the controversy and strive to regain the trust and support of her fan base.


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