The Controversy Surrounding Doja Cat and Her Fanbase

The Controversy Surrounding Doja Cat and Her Fanbase

Popular singer and rapper Doja Cat recently sparked controversy when she publicly expressed her disdain for her fanbase nickname, “Kittens.” Through a series of now-deleted tweets, the artist boldly stated, “My fans don’t get to name themselves s—t.” This harsh critique of her own fanbase has left many questioning her relationship with her supporters.

When a fan questioned Doja Cat’s remarks, pointing out that the nickname “Kittens” was originally coined by the artist herself, she attempted to justify her opinion. According to her, she created this nickname during her teenage years when she was struggling with alcoholism. Her intention at that time was to distance herself from her troubled past and move forward. However, her current stance on the matter seems to contradict her previous actions.

In addition to her distaste for the fanbase nickname, Doja Cat also expressed discomfort with fans using her birth name, Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, as their social media handles. She considered this practice as “creepy” and voiced her concerns on Twitter. Although she later deleted the tweet, her rejection of fans using her birth name added fuel to the controversy surrounding her relationship with her loyal supporters.

A Shocking Suggestion

When asked by a fan what they should change their username to, Doja Cat shockingly advised them to “delete the entire account and rethink everything.” This response suggests that the singer’s frustration with her fanbase extends beyond the nickname controversy. Such dismissive behavior towards her fans is sure to further alienate and disappoint those who have supported her.

Many of Doja Cat’s supporters felt betrayed by her harsh treatment of her own fanbase. Some fans have even distanced themselves from the artist altogether, expressing deep disappointment in her behavior. One Twitter user took it a step further and changed their social media handle to “I used to be a Doja Cat fan,” symbolizing their withdrawal of support. These reactions clearly demonstrate the negative impact her actions have had on her devoted followers.

Another critic on Twitter highlighted the irony of Doja Cat’s actions by referencing her previous cat-themed appearances and interviews. They wrote, “Doja being mean to her fans because of the word ‘kitten’… oh, she has lost her mind.” This remark draws attention to the artist’s disconnect from her fanbase and raises concerns about the potential consequences for her career.

Doja Cat’s upcoming nationwide tour, scheduled to begin in October, now faces uncertainty due to the backlash she has received for criticizing her own fanbase. The controversy surrounding her behavior has left fans questioning whether they should continue to support her. Moreover, there is speculation regarding whether ticket sales for her live performances will be affected as a result of this controversy. The success of her tour remains uncertain at this point.

Despite the significant backlash and disappointment from her fanbase, representatives for Doja Cat have yet to comment on the situation. The silence from her team raises further questions about their stance on the matter and how they plan to address the growing concerns from fans.

Doja Cat’s criticism of her fanbase, specifically her rejection of the fanbase nickname and discomfort with her birth name being used by fans, has caused controversy and disappointment among her loyal supporters. Her dismissive behavior and disconnect from her fanbase raise concerns about the future success of her career and upcoming tour. The impact of this controversy remains to be seen, but it is undeniable that this incident has left a mark on the relationship between the artist and her fans.


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