The Deep Dive into the Infamous Knoedler Gallery Art Scandal

The Deep Dive into the Infamous Knoedler Gallery Art Scandal

The hit Netflix documentary “Made You Look” has left audiences captivated by its exploration of the notorious Knoedler gallery art scandal. In an exclusive reveal, Page Six has learned that documentary director Barry Avrich is now transforming this riveting story into a book. Slated for publication in 2025 through Post Hill Press, Avrich’s upcoming tome promises to delve further into the art fraud saga, unveiling new evidence and insider stories. It was a scandal that deceived the art world for over a decade, and now readers will have the opportunity to explore the deceptive exploits of an eccentric art dealer, a master forger, and two con artists.

The Knoedler gallery art scandal sent shockwaves through the art community, leaving billionaire collectors, museums, media outlets, and even appraisers dumbfounded. The fraudulent scheme involved presenting forged works by renowned artists such as Robert Motherwell, Pollock, and Rothko, crafted innocuously in a garage in Queens. Avrich’s book aims to offer an in-depth account of the astonishing deception that unfolded, weaving a narrative reminiscent of hit TV shows like “Succession” and “Billions,” but with the added intrigue of being entirely true.

With an appetite for gripping crime narratives, audiences will undoubtedly become engrossed in the twists and turns of one of the most audacious and thrilling frauds ever encountered. Avrich’s book promises to satisfy readers’ cravings for a captivating and shocking true crime story. From the unsuspecting victims to the audacious perpetrators, every aspect of this scandal will be meticulously dissected within the pages of this forthcoming publication.

The impact of the Knoedler gallery art scandal extends beyond the pages of this upcoming book. The documentary’s popularity has sparked the development of a feature film based on its gripping narrative. This multidimensional approach to storytelling allows for a deeper exploration of the scandal’s impact on the art world and society as a whole.

Post Hill Press, known for its diverse range of thought-provoking publications, will be the publisher behind Avrich’s book. Their previous works include acclaimed titles such as “Laptop From Hell” by New York Post columnist Miranda Devine, “The Gift of Failure” by Dan Bongino, “No Red Lights” by Alan Patricof, and “Just Tyrus: A Memoir” by Tyrus. The collaboration between Avrich and Post Hill Press is poised to deliver a book that will resonate with those seeking a thought-provoking and gripping true crime narrative.

The book deal was skillfully negotiated by Los Angeles agent Steven Fisher, who successfully facilitated the partnership between Avrich and Post Hill Press. With Fisher’s expertise and vision, this upcoming publication has found its rightful home, ensuring that Avrich’s compelling account of the Knoedler gallery art scandal reaches the hands of eager readers worldwide.

The upcoming book by Barry Avrich promises to shine a light on the incredible art fraud saga that ensnared the art world for over a decade. It seeks to captivate readers with its unique blend of true crime and art world intrigue. As audiences eagerly await its release in 2025, they can prepare themselves for an unforgettable journey into the depths of one of the most shocking frauds ever perpetrated in the art world.


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