The Duke of Sussex’s Dedication to Children’s Charities

The Duke of Sussex’s Dedication to Children’s Charities

Prince Harry, also known as the Duke of Sussex, has always had a natural ability to connect with children. His genuine compassion and empathy shine through as he interacts with youngsters and their families. Through his royal patronages and philanthropic work, Prince Harry has continuously supported a number of children’s charities, making a significant impact on their lives.

One of the charities that Prince Harry has been closely involved with is WellChild. As its patron for 16 years, he has consistently displayed his commitment to their cause. At the WellChild awards in London, Prince Harry sat down with each young award winner individually, engaging them in conversations about their interests and hobbies. Matt James, Chief Executive at WellChild, spoke highly of Prince Harry’s dedication, stating, “The Duke’s passion for our work shines through when he meets the children and young people that WellChild supports, and their families.”

Aside from attending the WellChild Awards, Prince Harry has generously given his time to visit families in their homes and in hospitals, demonstrating his genuine concern for their well-being. He has also shown his support for WellChild’s fundraising efforts, including making a generous personal donation from the proceeds of his book. Prince Harry’s commitment to WellChild truly embodies their vision of giving children with complex medical needs the best chance to thrive at home.

Carrying on Princess Diana’s Legacy

Prince Harry and his brother, Prince William, have continued to uphold their late mother’s legacy as an advocate for young people. They have both shown their support for the Diana Award, an organization established in 1999. Dr Tessy Ojo CBE, CEO of The Diana Award, highlighted Prince Harry’s deep connection to the cause, stating, “The Duke of Sussex has a profound belief in the transformative power of young people to change the world, just like his mother Princess Diana.”

Prince Harry’s passion and drive to create a more equitable world inspire the young individuals The Diana Award works with. They see his dedication and are motivated to make a difference themselves. Prince Harry has truly become a role model for the next generation, following in his mother’s footsteps.

Having experienced the loss of his mother at a young age, Prince Harry has been open about his own journey with grief. He has made significant efforts to support organizations that provide assistance to children and young people dealing with similar experiences. One such organization is Scotty’s Little Soldiers, founded by war widow Nikki Scott in 2010.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers offers support to bereaved British Forces children and young people. Prince Harry has been a strong advocate for the organization, acknowledging the significance of remembrance to those who have lost parents in the military. In 2022, he wrote a letter to Scotty’s Little Soldiers members during Remembrance, expressing his understanding of growing up without a parent and recognizing the sacrifices made by military families.

Prince Harry’s support goes beyond words. He recorded a special video for Scotty’s Little Soldiers members at Christmas, dressing up as Spider-Man to bring joy and smiles to their faces during a challenging time. His personal involvement and dedication show that he genuinely cares about the well-being of these children and remembers the sacrifices their parents have made.

Prince Harry’s commitment to children’s charities has been unwavering throughout the years. Whether it’s engaging with young award winners at WellChild, upholding Princess Diana’s legacy through The Diana Award, or supporting bereaved military children with Scotty’s Little Soldiers, Prince Harry consistently demonstrates his true dedication. His ability to connect with children, combined with his genuine empathy and compassion, makes a significant impact on the lives of these young individuals and their families. Prince Harry’s work serves as an inspiration to others and highlights the importance of supporting children in need.


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