The Fallout Between Dominic West and Prince Harry: A Revealing Insight

The Fallout Between Dominic West and Prince Harry: A Revealing Insight

Renowned actor, Dominic West, and the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, find themselves at odds, as their friendship has fizzled into silence. During an interview on “Sunday Morning” on Times Radio, West candidly shared the reason behind their estrangement. It appears that West’s openness during a press conference became the catalyst for their falling out.

When asked to elaborate on his broken friendship with Prince Harry, West explained that their relationship faltered after their return from the Walking With the Wounded charity event in 2013, where they ventured through Antarctica with injured veterans. Although West refrained from divulging specific details, he alluded to his comments during a press conference in 2014.

During the press conference in question, West had praised Prince Harry’s contribution to the team, highlighting his expertise in constructing latrines. The actor’s admiration was evident as he described the intricacies of the structure built by Harry, including a toilet roll holder. However, upon reflection, West admitted to having potentially said too much when responding to a question about their activities and celebrations.

Regrettably, this slip-up became the wedge that drove a rift between West and Prince Harry. The “Wire” actor confessed that their friendship had ended over a decade ago, leaving no opportunity to seek the Prince’s guidance on how to portray King Charles III in Netflix’s hit series, “The Crown.” This revelation sheds light on the depth of the impact caused by West’s ill-advised comments.

In addition to the strained relationship with Prince Harry, West faced a dilemma concerning his own son’s involvement in “The Crown.” West candidly shared that he prohibited his 15-year-old son, Senan West, from reprising his role as young Prince William for Season 6. The actor justified his decision by expressing discomfort with a particular storyline that involved informing a young boy of his mother’s death at Balmoral Castle.

Dominic West’s revelation regarding his son’s potential return to the show received mixed responses. Though Senan received praise for his portrayal of teenage Prince William in the previous season, Dominic hesitated to expose his son to the emotionally demanding scene. His doubts were not directed towards his son’s abilities, but rather the intense nature of the storyline.

While Dominic West navigates the fallout from his fractured friendship with Prince Harry, the Duke himself has shared his opinions about “The Crown.” Harry admitted to watching the show and reportedly felt more at ease with the portrayal of his family compared to other projects. This acknowledgement suggests that despite their personal differences, the actor and the Duke share a common perspective on the show’s depiction of the royal family.

Dominic West’s frank admission sheds light on the unfortunate incident that severed his friendship with Prince Harry. It serves as a reminder of the complexities that arise from public figures sharing personal anecdotes in the media. Additionally, West’s protective instincts as a parent further contributed to the strain in his professional life. Nonetheless, both West and Prince Harry continue to move forward, each finding their own resolution amidst the fallout.


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