The Glamorous and Iconic Style of Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II’s Dresser

The Glamorous and Iconic Style of Angela Kelly, Queen Elizabeth II’s Dresser

Angela Kelly, the renowned fashion designer and dressmaker, made a rare appearance this week at The Goring hotel in London. The late Queen Elizabeth II’s dresser was seen posing in front of a stunning red and gold themed Christmas tree. Joined by her close friends, Paul Mesher and Michael Atmore, Angela exuded elegance in a white blouse and military-style high-waisted black trousers with exquisite gold buttons. Paul, who previously served as the Queen’s personal footman, and Michael, the Chief Brand Officer of Fairchild Media and Editorial Director of Footwear News, captured this special moment on their Instagram Stories.

The Goring hotel, where Angela Kelly was photographed, holds great significance within the royal family. It became the chosen destination for Kate Middleton to spend the evening before her momentous royal wedding to Prince William in April 2011. Additionally, this luxurious Belgravia hotel received a Royal Warrant in 2013, further solidifying its regal connection. Angela’s proximity to such historically significant places is a testament to her esteemed position in the Queen’s inner circle.

Angela Kelly and Queen Elizabeth II shared a deep and lasting friendship. Having started as the royal fashion designer in 1994, Angela quickly became the Queen’s Personal Assistant and Senior Dresser in 2002. Their bond was undeniable, with Angela often regarded as one of the Queen’s closest confidantes. This meaningful connection was exemplified when Angela, alongside the late monarch’s trusted Page Paul Whybrew and head groom Terry Pendry, received the Commander of the Victorian Order honor, following Queen Elizabeth II’s Demise Honours List publication in March.

Upon the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing in September, Angela Kelly took to Instagram to pour out her heart. In a poignant post, she expressed her everlasting love and remembrance, saying, “I will never forget you. I will always love you. I miss you my friend.” Angela further added, “I miss her, you will always be in our hearts.” These heartfelt words not only showcased Angela’s profound grief but also emphasized the profound impact the Queen had on her life.

In her books, Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe and The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, the Dresser, and the Wardrobe, published in 2019, Angela Kelly peeled back the curtain to reveal fascinating insights into her experiences working for one of the world’s most iconic figures. She even disclosed the remarkable fact that she had the responsibility of breaking in the Queen’s shoes. Additionally, Angela’s talent extended to creating remarkable pieces, such as the replica of the original 1841 royal christening gown commissioned by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004. This exquisite replica has since been worn by numerous royal babies, including the children of Prince William and Princess Diana.

Angela Kelly’s creative flair and attention to detail were evident in her notable designs for the Queen. Among her memorable creations was the stunning primrose-yellow coat worn by Queen Elizabeth II at Prince William and Kate’s wedding. Additionally, Angela’s skills came to the forefront when she remodeled the Norman Hartnell dress Princess Beatrice wore on her wedding day to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in 2020. These garments showcased Angela’s ability to blend tradition and modernity, resulting in breathtaking ensembles that will be forever etched in royal history.

Angela Kelly’s contribution to Queen Elizabeth II’s iconic style cannot be understated. Her unique talent, unwavering dedication, and deep friendship with the Queen ensured that the royal wardrobe shined with elegance and grace. As Angela continues to leave an indelible mark in the fashion world, her name will forever be associated with timeless sophistication and regal allure.


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