The Hamm-Bience at the Hottest Party in NYC

The Hamm-Bience at the Hottest Party in NYC

The buzz of New York Fashion Week spread beyond the runway as downtown cool kids and rock royalty gathered for an unforgettable night at the hip bar, the Mulberry. This exclusive, secret performance by the legendary rocker Beck turned out to be the highlight of the week, surprising everyone with an unexpected guest appearance.

As the night unfolded, Beck called out to the crowd for a special guest. “Jon Hamm, will you help us play a song? Jon Hamm, are you here?” The audience erupted in excitement as the “Mad Men” star joined the stage. The unsuspecting crowd witnessed a remarkable performance by Hamm and Beck as they belted out the timeless 1978 hit, “Just What I Needed” by the Cars. The energy in the room was electric, with music heavy hitters like the Strokes’ Julian Casablanca, the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney, and the Arctic Monkeys joining in the celebration.

The Mulberry was filled with an impressive lineup of influential guests from various artistic fields. Renowned director Sofia Coppola, “Scream Queen” Emma Roberts, and actress Sarah Hyland were spotted enjoying the show. The presence of Beck’s mom, Warhol Superstar Bibbe Hansen, added a touch of nostalgia to the event. The crowd also included top industry professionals, such as creative director Thomas Hayo and Celine’s Peter Utz, further elevating the party’s status.

The party curated a menu inspired by the songs of both Beck and Phoenix, another popular band that had recently played at Madison Square Garden as part of the Summer Odyssey tour. Attendees delighted in culinary creations like “Listztomania” and “Devils Haircut,” which added a quirky twist to the evening. Unfortunately, Phoenix missed out on their opportunity to perform in the subterranean space at the Mulberry, as they had to leave before Beck finished his set.

Beck aptly described the Mulberry as New York City’s very own Viper Room, a reference to the iconic Sunset Strip spot once owned by Johnny Depp. The Viper Room was notorious for its rock scene until tragedy struck with River Phoenix’s untimely death from a drug overdose just outside its doors in 1994. This comparison adds a layer of intrigue to the Mulberry’s reputation, suggesting that it has the potential to become a similar epicenter for the city’s music scene.

The Mulberry had previously hosted a private party for Guns N’ Roses’ Axl Rose, which ended abruptly when heavy rainfall seeped into the venue. Unfortunately, this unexpected downpour also plagued Beck’s late-night show, leaving everyone drenched but undeniably uplifted. Despite the unfortunate weather, the night remained a memorable testament to the power of music and the ability to bring together a diverse group of influencers.

The Mulberry’s secret performance by Beck not only exceeded expectations but also showcased the magnetic allure of the New York City nightlife. The surprise collaboration with Jon Hamm, the gathering of music heavyweights, and the star-studded guest list made this party truly unforgettable. As the Mulberry continues to solidify its position as a cultural hotspot, we can only imagine what remarkable events will transpire within its hallowed walls in the future.


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