The Montauk Yacht Club: A Tale of Sewage or Stormwater?

The Montauk Yacht Club: A Tale of Sewage or Stormwater?

The Montauk Yacht Club, a luxury hotel located in the Hamptons, has found itself in the middle of a controversy. Two agencies, the Town of East Hampton’s Director of Ordinance Enforcement and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, have conflicting reports on an alleged sewage dumping incident. While one claims the hotel was pumping sewage into the streets, the other maintains that it was only stormwater. The differing accounts have raised questions about the truth behind the situation and the possible consequences for the Montauk Yacht Club.

According to the Town of East Hampton’s Director of Ordinance Enforcement, code inspectors observed sewerage being pumped from one of the property’s cesspools onto the grass and into the street area and drains. This alleged incident was acknowledged by a hotel worker, adding weight to the claim. However, the Suffolk County Department of Health Services contradicted these allegations, stating that their inspection found no sewage violations and that the drainage was only stormwater. They clarified that stormwater is not considered sewage and does not require pumping into a sanitary system.

The Call for Action

With conflicting reports, the Town of East Hampton’s Director of Ordinance Enforcement stands by their initial report and emphasizes the need to notify the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. They argue that the smell was atrocious, confirming that it was not simply stormwater as claimed by the Suffolk County Department of Health Services. This disagreement highlights the importance of further investigation and clarifying the nature of the substances being discharged.

The Hotel’s Response

In response to the allegations, a representative for the Montauk Yacht Club stated that the pumping was necessary to remove excess rainwater from their storm drain, not wastewater. They claim that the police investigated the situation and found no violations. While the hotel denies any wrongdoing, the conflicting reports and the strong odor reported by local enforcement raise doubts about the credibility of their statement.

This incident is not the first time the Montauk Yacht Club has faced scrutiny. In July, its restaurant, Showfish, ran into trouble with potential noise violations and overcrowding issues. To avoid a citation, the hotel had to swiftly evacuate the premises. These previous incidents, coupled with the recent sewage or stormwater allegation, bring into question the management and practices of the Montauk Yacht Club.

Past Glory and Current Questions

The Montauk Yacht Club, once a private club with prestigious members from influential families, has experienced a shift in ownership. Gurney’s sold the hotel to Safe Harbor Marinas for a staggering $149 million last year. This change in ownership raises concerns about the maintenance of the property and whether adequate measures are being taken to uphold its previous standards.

The controversy surrounding the Montauk Yacht Club and its alleged sewage dumping incident highlights the need for a thorough investigation to determine the truth. With conflicting reports from two agencies, the Montauk Yacht Club must address the accusations head-on and provide clear evidence to support their denial of wrongdoing. The hotel’s past encounters with noise violations also raise questions about its management practices. Only through transparency and accountability can the Montauk Yacht Club regain the trust of its patrons and the local community.


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