The Night Sabrina Carpenter Partied with David Dobrik at Lollapalooza

The Night Sabrina Carpenter Partied with David Dobrik at Lollapalooza

Sabrina Carpenter and popular YouTuber David Dobrik were spotted partying together until the early hours of the morning following Carpenter’s performance at Lollapalooza. An insider, who spoke exclusively to Page Six, revealed that the duo, along with a few friends, visited Tao Chicago on Friday night while producer Metro Boomin was performing. The eyewitness mentioned that Carpenter and Dobrik were seen sitting together in a booth towards the side of the stage, laughing, and chatting. They even took some selfies with fans in the VIP area. It was evident that Carpenter was in high spirits after her successful show at the festival earlier in the day.

Connections and Speculations

This isn’t the first time Carpenter and Dobrik have sparked rumors of a romantic connection. In February, an anonymous tip shared on Instagram gossip page Deuxmoi claimed that the pair was spotted together in London. While representatives for Carpenter and Dobrik have not commented on their relationship status, it’s interesting to note that both individuals have been linked to other celebrities in the past. Carpenter, who is 24 years old, has previously dated Joshua Bassett and has been romantically linked to Shawn Mendes and Dylan O’Brien. On the other hand, Dobrik, the 27-year-old founder of Doughbrik, has had romantic connections with Liza Koshy, Olivia Jade, and Madison Beer.

During her performance at the Chicago music festival, Carpenter entertained the crowd with her song “Nonsense,” adding some very explicit and NSFW lyrics to spice things up. With lines like “Turn that d–k to stone, call me Medusa” and “Choking on him need Heimlich maneuver,” it was clear that Carpenter wanted to make a memorable impact. She even joked about not dating Lollapalooza-goers, adding a playful twist to her performance.

The relationship rumors between Carpenter and Mendes have been a topic of speculation for some time. In March, Mendes straightforwardly denied these rumors during an interview with the Dutch TV program “RTL Boulevard,” stating, “We are not dating.” However, the gossip continued after an anonymous individual informed Deuxmoi that Carpenter and Mendes appeared “verrry comfortable” during a dinner date in Los Angeles. Later that month, the two were photographed together on a casual outing, with Carpenter smiling at the “Stitches” singer. The buzz further intensified when they were seen leaving Miley Cyrus’ album release party in the same car in March. Nevertheless, by April, Mendes had reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Camila Cabello, at Coachella. The couple has since parted ways once again.

Sabrina Carpenter had a remarkable night partying with David Dobrik at Tao Chicago after her Lollapalooza performance. While their relationship status remains uncertain, the duo seemed to enjoy each other’s company and create memorable moments with fans. Carpenter’s bold and cheeky performance at the festival added an extra layer of excitement to the night. As for the ongoing speculation surrounding her connection with Shawn Mendes, it appears that their paths have diverged yet again. Only time will tell what the future holds for Carpenter and Dobrik, but for now, their fans can relish in the memories of their epic night out.


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