The Power of Mental Health: Angela Lee’s Mission in Combat Sports

The Power of Mental Health: Angela Lee’s Mission in Combat Sports

Angela Lee, the renowned MMA fighter, has stunned the world with her recent retirement announcement. However, her exit from the cage does not signify the end of her journey. Instead, Lee has shifted her focus towards providing mental health services to combat sports athletes. This decision comes as a result of personal experiences and the tragic loss of her sister, Victoria, who died by suicide in December 2022. Lee, who herself has battled with mental health challenges, aims to fill the void in mental health resources for fighters in the combat sports world.

The stress and pressure that MMA fighters endure are immense, yet mental health resources for these athletes are scarce. Angela Lee intends to shed light on this overlooked aspect of combat sports and bring about a positive change. Through her newly established non-profit organization, Fight Story, Lee aims to honor her sister’s memory while addressing the pressing need for mental health support in the fight world.

Lee openly discusses her own journey towards healing, emphasizing that the recovery process takes time. Although she acknowledges that she is not fully healed from the loss of her sister, Lee credits her progress to the unwavering support of her husband, daughter, and the fight community. Additionally, Fight Story has played a significant role in her healing process, serving as a catalyst for positive change.

Recognizing the lack of mental health resources available to combat sports athletes, Angela Lee is determined to proactively address this gap. With Fight Story, she plans to implement various programs aimed at promoting mental and physical well-being within the fight community. By acknowledging the past and personal experiences, Lee hopes to pave the way for a brighter future and provide the necessary support that fighters deserve.

The combat sports community has rallied around Angela Lee and showed immense support for Fight Story. Already, several fighters have reached out to contribute towards the cause. To amplify their efforts, Lee and her team have organized two major events, including a kickoff party scheduled for December 3 in Hawaii. This demonstration of unity not only helps to raise awareness but also keeps the memory of Victoria alive.

Angela Lee finds solace in the belief that her sister, Victoria, is guiding her through this venture. Working on Fight Story feels like a joint effort between the two sisters, resonating with Angela on a deeply emotional level. As she continues to make strides in combat sports mental health, Lee remains grateful for the support she has received and the lasting impact it has on her sister’s legacy.

Angela Lee’s retirement marks a transformative chapter in her life. By focusing on combat sports mental health, she is shedding light on an often-neglected aspect of the fight world. Through Fight Story, Lee hopes to provide the necessary mental health resources that fighters so desperately need. Her journey towards healing and supporting others stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of one woman determined to make a difference.


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