The Price of Happiness: Nick Cannon’s Costly Disneyland Visits

The Price of Happiness: Nick Cannon’s Costly Disneyland Visits

Nick Cannon, the host of “Wild ‘N Out,” has revealed the exorbitant amount of money he spends annually to take his twelve children to Disneyland. In a recent interview with Charlamagne tha God on “The Breakfast Club,” Cannon confessed to spending over $200,000 each year on these family trips. The once “free” perks afforded to him during his Christmas morning hosting days at the amusement park are long gone. This article delves into the financial burden and changes that Cannon now faces when making his frequent visits to the “happiest place on earth.”

Cannon reminisces about a time when hosting at Disneyland resulted in complimentary benefits, but with twelve kids in tow, he bears the weight of an ever-growing expense. The iconic theme park is already known for its expensive nature, and Cannon highlights the additional costs he incurs. In addition to park admission fees, he must cover expenses like a chaperone and hotel accommodation. He laments the need for reservations and nostalgically recalls a simpler time when he didn’t have to worry about these financial burdens.

A Carousel of Children

While Cannon shares his children with six different women, he makes sure to include them all in his Disneyland escapades. His twins, Monroe and Moroccan, born during his marriage to ex-wife Mariah Carey, were the initial catalyst for his Disney adventures. However, he now has children with exes Brittany Bell, DJ Abby De La Rosa, LaNisha Cole, Alyssa Scott, and even Bre Tiesi, who stars on “Selling Sunset.” The tragic loss of his son, Zen, to brain cancer in 2021 further highlights the complexities of Cannon’s family situation.

Cannon’s commitment to prioritizing his children’s happiness is evident in how he celebrates their milestones at Disneyland. Recently, he shared pictures on Instagram from a visit to commemorate Rise’s first birthday. Another trip was specifically dedicated to Onyx’s first birthday, further solidifying the importance of these extravagant celebrations. The expensive cost associated with these outings does not deter Cannon from creating lasting memories for his children.

A Happy Price to Pay?

While Cannon’s dedication to his children’s happiness is commendable, the question arises: Is the hefty price tag worth it? The amount he spends each year could easily finance other ventures or investments that would benefit his children’s futures. Some may argue that experiences outweigh material possessions, and Cannon seemingly upholds this belief. However, it is essential to consider the long-term impact of these costly outings on his finances and overall life choices.

The Everlasting Magic

Despite the financial strain he experiences, it is undeniable that Cannon’s children are immersed in the magic of Disneyland. Each visit becomes an opportunity for unforgettable memories and bonding time with their father. Cannon’s commitment to making his twelve children feel special and loved shines through these extravagant outings. The smiles on their faces and moments shared within the walls of Disneyland are priceless for this large blended family.

Nick Cannon’s annual expenditure of over $200,000 on Disneyland visits for his twelve children showcases his unwavering dedication to their happiness. While the financial burden is significant, he embraces the opportunity to create lasting memories in the “happiest place on earth.” Cannon’s story serves as a reminder of the lengths parents are willing to go to ensure their children’s joy, sometimes at great personal expense. The intangible rewards of these experiences may outweigh the monetary costs, as his children will forever cherish the moments spent in the enchanting world of Disney.


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