The Princess of Wales Helps Prince George with Exam Prep

The Princess of Wales Helps Prince George with Exam Prep

During a recent outing in Cardiff, the Princess of Wales shared that she has been assisting Prince George with his exam preparation. As a mother, she understands the challenges of studying, particularly in subjects like mathematics. Kate revealed her empathy for George, who expressed feeling constantly tested. However, she acknowledged that as his exams progress to A-levels, the intensity and difficulty will only increase. Her involvement in George’s education highlights the dedication and support she provides to her children.

Last week, it was announced that the Princess of Wales would not be accompanying her husband, Prince William, to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize Awards. This decision was influenced by George’s upcoming exams, which will take place during the same week as the awards ceremony. Kate’s commitment to being present for her son during this crucial period demonstrates her dedication as a parent. While Prince William attends the event, Kate will remain at home in Windsor to provide emotional support to George.

As George approaches the next phase of his education, there is much speculation about which school he will attend. It is anticipated that he will sit entrance exams for a prestigious private school. One possibility is Eton College, where his father, Prince William, studied. Another option is Marlborough College, where Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge, completed her education. The decision regarding George’s educational path will play a significant role in shaping his future.

Prince William and Kate recently marked the beginning of Black History Month by visiting Fitzalan High School. Their intention was to learn about the students’ work related to Black history and gain insight into the vocational courses the school offers. Fitzalan High School serves a diverse and disadvantaged community, with a significant number of pupils speaking English as a second language. The royal couple’s visit highlighted their commitment to supporting inclusive education and engaging with a wide range of cultural backgrounds.

During their visit to Fitzalan High School, Prince William engaged in a lively discussion with students about e-books versus paperbacks. He expressed his preference for the tactile experience of reading a physical book, although he admitted that his reading habits have changed since becoming a parent. This candid interaction showcased Prince William’s down-to-earth nature and his ability to connect with young people on relatable topics.

The interaction between Prince William and Sumayah Musa, a student from Somaliland, was particularly memorable. They engaged in a friendly debate about reading preferences and then moved on to discussing their coffee preferences. Sumayah revealed that Princess Kate is a fan of cappuccinos, while her own preference lies in white mochas. This light-hearted conversation demonstrated the approachability of the royal couple and their genuine interest in connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to their school visit, Prince William and Kate also spent time at the Grange Pavilion. During this visit, Prince William brought laughter to the group by jokingly asking, “Who’s pinching my bottom?” This humorous moment showcased the couple’s ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere wherever they go. Their genuine interactions with the elderly men and women exemplified their warmth and compassion.

As George receives a private education, he is likely to undergo the ISEB Common Pre-tests. These exams, typically taken in Year 6 or 7, include assessments in mathematics, English (reading, comprehension, and grammar), verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning. George’s preparations and performance in these exams will play a crucial role in determining his educational trajectory.

The Princess of Wales’ involvement in Prince George’s exam preparations highlights her dedication as a mother. By prioritizing his education and providing support during this crucial period, Kate showcases her commitment to her children’s growth and success. While George’s future educational path remains unknown, it is evident that the young prince is surrounded by a loving family and a supportive environment that will help shape his future endeavors.


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