The Queen of Holidays: Mariah Carey Rings in the New Year in Style

The Queen of Holidays: Mariah Carey Rings in the New Year in Style

Mariah Carey, the iconic “Fantasy” singer, has solidified her position as the queen of Christmas throughout the years. However, her celebrations extend beyond December 25th. As the clock struck midnight and 2023 came to a close, Carey continued her yearly tradition in Aspen. Dressed in a designer gown, she indulged in a dip in a hot tub, capturing the moment with a video she shared on Instagram.

Carey’s Instagram video showcased her radiating joy while basking in the red sparkling gown. She wished her followers a happy new year while donning a long-sleeved, plunging neckline gown. With her hair elegantly pulled up into a bun, she gracefully entered the hot tub surrounded by falling snow. This glimpse into her glamorous swim attire has become synonymous with her, whether it’s the luxurious Louis Vuitton or Tom Ford gowns she has previously donned.

Fans couldn’t help but admire Carey’s unique tradition. One commenter playfully noted, “My girl loves to swim in a dress,” while another hailed her as the “Queen of swimming with a dress on.” Some playful onlookers even speculated that she is entering hibernation until the next holiday season, humorously attributing her eternal youth to this mysterious practice.

While some may worry that this annual plunge could potentially damage her magnificent gowns, Carey has proven that she has an abundance of equally stunning outfits in her wardrobe. Her year-end video showcased various ensembles she wore during her vacation, including a similar long-sleeved gown in a nude color. Additionally, on December 31st, she stepped out of her comfort zone, shattering the notion that she only wants to be seen from her right side. She sported a silver sequin gown, posing with the left side of her face toward the camera, humorously emphasizing “new beginnings.”

As Carey bids farewell to another year, she reiterates her status as the queen of holidays with her glamorous and unique traditions. Her red sparkling gown and hot tub dip depict her vibrant spirit and joyous nature. With her unwavering dedication to style and her ability to captivate fans year after year, Carey’s reign as the queen of holidays shows no signs of slowing down.

Mariah Carey’s glamorous celebration of the new year in Aspen deserves recognition. From her stunning designer gown to her jubilant demeanor, she encapsulates the festive spirit. Carey’s annual tradition of taking a dip in a hot tub while dressed impeccably symbolizes her individuality and fearless approach to life. As fans eagerly anticipate her future holiday endeavors, there’s no doubt that Carey will continue to be crowned the queen of celebrations.


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