The Surprising New Romance of Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline

The Surprising New Romance of Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline

It seems that love is in the air once again for “SNL” comedian Pete Davidson. Rumors are swirling that Davidson is now dating “Outer Banks” star Madelyn Cline, just a mere month after his split from Chase Sui Wonders. According to an insider who spoke to Us Weekly, Davidson and Cline have been keeping their relationship low-key, possibly due to the recent end of their respective previous relationships.

A Cozy Getaway

The source disclosed that Davidson and Cline recently spent a night together at the luxurious Beverly Hills Hotel. Showing their desire to keep things casual, they were reportedly sporting baseball hats during their breakfast the following morning. Although the exact timeline of their relationship is unclear, the two seem to be enjoying each other’s company without any public fanfare.

Just a few months ago, Davidson made headlines when he checked himself into rehab to address his struggles with borderline personality disorder and PTSD. Throughout this challenging time, Wonders provided him with unwavering support. However, rumors suggest that their relationship had simply run its course. The insider who spoke to People confirmed Davidson’s return to the single life, adding that he is doing well and seemingly enjoying his freedom.

Cline, much like Davidson, is no stranger to keeping her personal life private. The actress has previously expressed her belief that relationships are more special when they are kept out of the public eye. In an interview with “Today,” Cline explained that she prefers to reserve certain aspects of her life for herself and a select few individuals. By maintaining this small circle, she finds the necessary balance between sharing and maintaining her personal boundaries.

A Brief History

Before his current involvement with Cline, Davidson was linked romantically to Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian. Cline, on the other hand, was previously in a relationship with fellow “Outer Banks” co-star Chase Stokes. In June 2022, Cline began dating Jackson Guthy, but their relationship hit a bump in July 2023 when she unfollowed him on social media, sparking split rumors.

As Davidson and Cline explore this new chapter in their lives, it remains to be seen what the future holds for them as a couple. With both stars now free from past relationships, they have the opportunity to build something special together. Whether they choose to keep their romance under wraps or share it with the world, it’s clear that there is chemistry between them that cannot be denied.

In the unpredictable world of celebrity relationships, Pete Davidson and Madelyn Cline have found each other in the midst of their individual journeys. Perhaps this surprising romance will bring joy and happiness to them both as they embark on this new adventure together.


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