The Transformative Friendship Between Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards and His Majesty King Charles

The Transformative Friendship Between Royal Photographer Arthur Edwards and His Majesty King Charles

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards has built a strong and respected alliance with His Majesty King Charles over the years. However, their relationship did not always start off on the right foot. In the early days of Arthur’s career at The Sun, a publication he has been working for since the seventies, he found himself in an uncomfortable situation with the then Prince Charles at Highgrove House, the royal’s country estate in Gloucestershire. This encounter left Charles seething, as Arthur mistakenly ended up on what the Prince believed to be his private property. Despite this rocky beginning, their friendship has since blossomed into something truly remarkable.

A Mutual Respect and Admiration

Over time, Arthur’s perception of Prince Charles transformed as he observed the Prince’s tireless work ethic. In a recent episode of HELLO!’s A Right Royal Podcast, Arthur shared his impressions of Charles, stating, “I was kind of very impressed by him. And I really thought, this man just gets things done.” This realization prompted Arthur to shift his approach from aggression to support. He now strives to be of assistance in any way he can, understanding the significance of showcasing Charles’ important work to the world. Recalling his experiences with the Prince, Arthur noted, “He’s very grateful for every little thing you could do for him. I’m trying very hard every day to do my best to get him in the paper and for people to see what great work he’s doing.”

Arthur’s observations of Prince Charles go beyond his professional accomplishments. He sees him as a kind-hearted individual, which in turn makes him a genuinely nice person. Arthur describes Charles as “a kind person, a really kind person, kind at heart.” This emphasis on kindness reveals the depth of their friendship, as they connect on a deeper level than just professional acquaintances. Charles’ genuine nature resonates with Arthur, fostering a bond built on mutual respect and admiration.

Prince Charles also speaks highly of Arthur Edwards, commending his skills and personality. During the celebrations of Charles’ 70th birthday, the King delivered a speech in which he lauded Arthur as “a very good photographer, and a jolly good bloke, I think, and a very special person.” These words reflect the profound impact Arthur has had on capturing and documenting the Prince’s life and overseas visits. Charles even humorously expressed concern about the amount of equipment Arthur carries in boiling hot countries, highlighting the photographer’s dedication to his craft.

The friendship between Arthur Edwards and King Charles has grown from an awkward encounter to an enduring bond. Their journey showcases the power of transformation and the importance of mutual support and kindness. Through their connection, they inspire others to appreciate the value of friendship and the positive impact it can have on one’s life. As Arthur continues to document the life of the royal family, his unique perspective and deep bond with King Charles continue to shape both their lives.


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