The Treasured Life on a Durham Farm

The Treasured Life on a Durham Farm

Matt Baker, widely recognized as the host of Travels in the Country, is currently captivating our screens with his exploration of the United States. Yet, behind the scenes, he shares glimpses of his heartwarming domestic life with wife Nicola on their cherished farm in County Durham. In a recent video, Matt unveiled a captivating snapshot of his family’s daily routine, wherein a tractor diligently plows nearby fields while Nicola tenderly hand-feeds a group of newly arrived donkeys.

In an extended video shared by Nicola, viewers are transported into the enchanting world of their farm. Surrounded by a delightful array of animals, the video showcases the donkeys with their exquisite grey coats filmed in stunning detail. Nicola aptly captioned the video, “I love this time of year when the hay is cut and baled… and so do the donkeys! Good excuse for a donkey cuddle too!” As fans eagerly responded to the video, Matt playfully chimed in with a simple “Hay” and a heart emoji, reflecting the endearing warmth of their family bond.

A Heartwarming Display of Affection

One follower conveyed their adoration for donkeys, describing them as affectionate creatures and expressing a twinge of regret that these marvelous animals cannot be part of their lives due to their current living situation. However, they were enthralled by the sight of donkeys traversing a well-trodden path in a captivating formation. Another fan couldn’t help but acknowledge the sheer beauty of the scene, proclaiming it to be a breathtaking spectacle. They also eagerly inquired about the possibility of another series featuring the entire family on television.

Amidst the responses, a lighthearted comment stood out, as an individual playfully remarked that the aroma of freshly cut hay could be sensed through the screen. They humorously added that while they have always harbored a desire to own donkeys, the closest they have come is owning Newfoundland dogs. This playful exchange among fans created a sense of camaraderie and shared appreciation for the idyllic farm setting.

Through their popular show, Farm in the Dales, Matt and Nicola have provided audiences with an intimate glimpse into their life on the farm. Matt’s lifelong dream of working on a farm has become a reality, and he envisions passing on this cherished existence to his children. As a doting parent, Matt aspires to provide his children with profound opportunities to connect with the land and the animals. Expressing great pride in their contribution to farm life, he joyfully revealed how his children have actively participated in selecting the sheep and nurturing their bloodline. He firmly believes that such involvement will empower them to declare, “We started this,” as they grow older.

Moreover, Matt highlighted the similarities between his own upbringing and the experiences of his children on the farm. Fondly reflecting on his childhood, Matt expressed gratitude for the values instilled in him by the countryside. Through his book, he openly explores the theme of how the countryside has shaped him as an individual. By linking anecdotes from his career to the responsibilities and lessons he learned while growing up on a farm, he emphasizes how the core work ethic and dedication have permeated every aspect of his life.

Equally fascinating to Matt is witnessing his children’s journey as they encounter the same formative experiences he treasured during his youth. The strong foundation laid during their early years seamlessly integrates with the rest of their lives, bolstering their character and resilience. Matt believes that his children are granted a unique opportunity to embrace the wonders of farm life just as he once did, enriching their lives with invaluable life lessons.

Matt Baker’s idyllic farm in County Durham serves as a sanctuary where his family finds solace and joy. Through their shared love for animals and the land, Matt and Nicola foster a connection that transcends generations. As the seasons change and the hay is baled, the beauty of the farm is unveiled. Matt’s children forge their own memories while continuing the legacy of a cherished way of life, ensuring that the spirit of the countryside endures.


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