The Unbreakable Bond of Kevin Clifton and His Dooley Girls

The Unbreakable Bond of Kevin Clifton and His Dooley Girls

Kevin Clifton, the former Strictly Come Dancing star, is not only a talented dancer but also a loving partner and father. He is currently performing in this year’s Marlowe Theatre pantomime, Aladdin, in Canterbury. What makes this experience even more special is that he is joined on this journey by his two biggest supporters, his partner Stacey Dooley, and their 11-month-old daughter Minnie. Since Minnie’s arrival last January, the trio has been inseparable, sharing many precious moments together.

Being on the road is certainly no easy feat, especially when a little one is involved. Despite the challenges, Kevin, Stacey, and Minnie have embraced this nomadic lifestyle. In a recent Instagram post, Kevin shared a heartwarming photo of Stacey and Minnie, with Stacey peacefully napping while cradling their daughter in her arms. The focal point of the picture was their fiery red hair. In his caption, Kevin playfully paid tribute to this unique feature, referring to them as his “Dooley girls.” The admiration and love for his family were evident, but little did he know that his attempt at humor would earn him a gentle scolding from Stacey in the comments.

Shortly after Kevin’s adorable post, Stacey took to her own Instagram account to share a photo that left followers intrigued. The picture depicted an opened envelope addressed to “Minnie’s mom and dad” and a gift wrapped in dark brown paper and a pink ribbon. Stacey’s caption only added to the mystery: “2023. My showstopper arrived. Best year of my life. H A P P Y N E W Y E A R S K I D S! See u on the other side.” These enigmatic words left fans with numerous questions and speculations about what surprises await on the other side of this new year.

One thing that is certain amidst all the intrigue is that the couple’s adorable daughter will soon turn one on January 10th. The anticipation and joy surrounding this milestone are palpable. Stacey’s investment in creating a memorable celebration for Minnie is evident in the carefully addressed envelope and the beautifully wrapped present. As the couple enters the realm of parenthood milestones, their bond grows stronger and more resilient.

An Unbreakable Bond

Kevin Clifton, an accomplished dancer, has found love and fulfillment in his role as a partner and father. The unbreakable bond he shares with Stacey and Minnie is evident in the way they support each other through life’s adventures. From performing on stage to traveling abroad, this family of three is proving that love knows no boundaries. As they navigate through the ups and downs of life together, Kevin, Stacey, and Minnie continue to create their own unique moments of joy, making memories that will last a lifetime.


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