The Unstoppable Speed of Justin Gatlin

The Unstoppable Speed of Justin Gatlin

Justin Gatlin, the iconic USA track legend, may have retired from competitive running, but his passion for speed still burns bright. Gatlin, the Olympic gold medalist, has set his sights on perfecting his 40-yard dash, aiming to achieve an astonishing time of 4.19 seconds. In his recent appearance on the “TMZ Sports” TV show, Gatlin confidently revealed, “The project is Project 40. I ran a 4.2 yesterday, first day of practice.” While the fastest electronically timed 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine stands at 4.22 seconds, Gatlin firmly believes that he can surpass this record with a significant margin. With unwavering determination, Gatlin seeks to not only dominate the world of track and field but also train athletes from various sports in the art of speed and agility.

Gatlin’s ambitions transcend personal accomplishments on the track. Drawing on his extensive training experience, he aspires to enhance the speed and agility of athletes across different sports such as football, baseball, and basketball. Recognizing the perpetual debate surrounding the speed comparison between track and field athletes and football players, Gatlin aims to bridge the gap. He remarked, “We work on speed constantly, and I wanna show the world that we understand speed, we’re the king of speed.” Simultaneously, Gatlin desires to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with other athletes who aspire to unravel the secrets of exceptional speed. Through his training programs, he intends to equip professional athletes with the tools necessary to dominate their respective arenas.

A Comeback on the Horizon?

At the age of 41, Gatlin dismisses the notion of retirement permanently closing the doors on his competitive career. Although he has been away from the track since his retirement in 2021, Gatlin entertains the possibility of making a triumphant comeback, especially with the upcoming Olympics. “Let’s say if I get myself back into shape and say, ‘Hey, you know what? I wanna get back in track and field,’ especially Olympic year coming up, it’s not far-fetched,” he explained optimistically. Gatlin firmly believes that his unwavering determination and undeniable talent could potentially propel him to secure a spot on the esteemed Olympic team once again.

Justin Gatlin’s hunger for competition remains insatiable, as he dares to challenge the fastest player in the NFL, Tyreek Hill, also known as “Cheetah.” Recognizing Hill’s remarkable athletic ability and his background in track and field, Gatlin respects the football star’s dedication to maintaining his speed on the field. Gatlin expressed his interest in racing Hill, stating, “And when it comes to me racing Tyreek, holla at me in about eight weeks. I’ll be ready for you, man. If you want that, I can give you that smoke.” The prospect of witnessing these two athletes clash in a battle of speed is undeniably tantalizing, promising an electrifying spectacle for sports enthusiasts.

In addition to discussing his own endeavors, Gatlin also reflected on the awe-inspiring performances of Noah Lyles, a fellow track and field sensation. Gatlin acknowledged Lyles’ monumental achievements at the World Championships while shedding light on the entertaining banter between Lyles and NBA “world champions.” Gatlin’s admiration for Lyles’ accomplishments further amplifies the camaraderie and excitement that transcends different sports, cementing track and field’s place as a sport that captivates fans worldwide.

Justin Gatlin, the retired track legend, showcases an unwavering passion for speed, unlike any other. While his competitive days may have come to a close, Gatlin remains determined to push the boundaries of his physical capabilities. Through Project 40, he intends to revolutionize the world of speed and agility training, not only for track and field athletes but also for professionals in various sports. Gatlin’s journey serves as a testament to the unyielding spirit of athletes who strive for greatness, leaving an indelible mark on the world of sports.


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