The Urgent Need for Secret Service Protection: Cheryl Hines Speaks Out

The Urgent Need for Secret Service Protection: Cheryl Hines Speaks Out

Actress and comedian Cheryl Hines recently opened up about two alarming incidents at her family’s Brentwood estate that have highlighted the urgent need for Secret Service protection for her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In an interview on “TMZ Live,” Hines revealed that she witnessed an intruder attempting to enter their home not once, but twice. The first incident occurred while Hines was live streaming on Instagram, and she noticed a strange man in their yard. Security quickly apprehended the intruder, but the incident left Hines shaken.

The significance of these incidents goes beyond the immediate threat they posed to the Kennedy-Hines family. Hines pointed out the tragic history of the Kennedy family, with Robert’s uncle, President John F. Kennedy, being assassinated in 1963, followed by the assassination of Robert’s father, Robert F. Kennedy, in 1968. Given this haunting history, Hines stressed the importance of providing Secret Service protection to RFK Jr. as he runs as an Independent in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Hines expressed her confusion and frustration with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) refusal to grant Secret Service protection to RFK Jr. Despite their efforts to secure authorization from President Joe Biden’s administration, the request has been denied. The initial reason provided by DHS was RFK Jr.’s polling numbers, which fell short of the required 15%. However, the most recent poll indicates that RFK Jr. is pulling an impressive 19% in a three-way race with Biden and Trump.

Hines speculated that the denial of Secret Service protection might be politically motivated. She believes that RFK Jr.’s increasing popularity and potential impact on the 2024 Presidential Election might be a factor in the White House’s decision. Hines urged President Biden to reconsider, emphasizing that the recent home intrusion incident should not be ignored. She made it clear that the safety of her husband, as well as the safety of the entire Kennedy family, should be a top priority.

The conversation between Cheryl Hines and TMZ Live shed light on the pressing need for Secret Service protection for RFK Jr. While discussing the issue, Hines carefully chose her words, highlighting the gravity of the situation without directly criticizing the White House. Her measured approach reflected the seriousness of the matter and the importance of finding a resolution that ensures the safety of a prominent public figure like RFK Jr.

The incidents at the Kennedy-Hines residence have served as a wake-up call, not only for the family but for the public as well. It is crucial for the White House to reevaluate their decision and provide the necessary Secret Service protection for RFK Jr. in light of the potential threats he may face during his presidential campaign. The safety and well-being of political candidates should never be compromised, especially within a family that has already endured such tragic losses.

Cheryl Hines’ candid remarks about the need for Secret Service protection for her husband, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., have highlighted the gravity of the situation. The recent home intrusion incidents and the Kennedy family’s haunting history underscore the urgency of the matter. It is imperative for President Biden’s administration to reconsider their denial and prioritize the safety of RFK Jr. as he continues his campaign for the 2024 Presidential Election.


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