Travis Kelce isn’t the Only One Obsessed with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce isn’t the Only One Obsessed with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce may be head over heels for Taylor Swift, but he’s not the only one captivated by the superstar. In People magazine’s latest issue, Swift takes the crown as the “Most Intriguing Person of the Year.” While her professional accomplishments are commendable, it’s her down-to-earth lifestyle that has won the hearts of her friends and fans alike.

Swift’s friends can’t help but gush about her multifaceted talents. Aaron Dessner, the frontman for the rock band, the National, raved about Swift’s work ethic and generosity. He shared that whenever he stayed at her house, she personally cooked breakfast and dinner for everyone – a testament to her grounded nature and determination.

Singer Sabrina Carpenter hailed Swift as a “superstar who’s really good at baking,” highlighting her impressive skills beyond songwriting. And Paramore vocalist Hailey Williams believes Swift is just scratching the surface of her career, predicting that she is “just getting started.”

Swift’s recognition as the “Most Intriguing Person of the Year” is well-deserved and shows her enduring influence in the industry. This prestigious accolade comes as a stark contrast to Travis Kelce’s absence from People’s “Sexiest Man Alive” roundup. While his brother, Jason Kelce, made the cut as a finalist, Travis did not receive the same acknowledgment.

A Humble Response from the Kelce Brothers

Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles player and Travis’ brother, took to Twitter, reminding everyone that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” He humbly acknowledged that he had never considered himself the sexiest man, let alone the sexiest man alive, in his family. Jason found it amusing to be listed among A-list heartthrobs like Patrick Dempsey and Timothée Chalamet.

In a recent episode of their “New Heights” podcast, Travis and Jason discussed Travis’ absence from the “Sexiest Man Alive” list. Jason claimed that Travis had turned down the offer, while Travis insisted that he had never received a call. Despite the playful banter, it is clear that Swift is a topic that frequently comes up during their podcast recordings. They shower her with praise for her performance skills and even have a cute nickname for her.

A Romantic Connection Amidst Swift’s Success

As if dominating the music industry and captivating her friends wasn’t enough, Swift’s personal life has also become a hot topic. The two-time Super Bowl winner, Travis Kelce, has been romantically linked to the “Cruel Summer” singer since September. Swift recently showed her support by attending one of Travis’s away games with the Green Bay Packers, proving that their connection goes beyond the admiration on the field or stage.

Taylor Swift’s recognition as the “Most Intriguing Person of the Year” further solidifies her status as an icon. Her work ethic, down-to-earth nature, and exceptional talents extend beyond her chart-topping music. And while Travis Kelce may have his reasons to be obsessed with her, it’s clear that Swift’s influence and appeal extend far beyond one individual.


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