Travis Kelce Responds to Mark Cuban’s Advice on Love Life

Travis Kelce Responds to Mark Cuban’s Advice on Love Life

Travis Kelce, the NFL star known for his relationship with singer Taylor Swift, recently responded with a witty comeback to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban had suggested that Swift should “breakup” with Kelce and date one of the “good-looking, single guys” on his basketball team instead. Kelce, in response, tweeted back at Cuban, saying, “@mcuban Just sign me to a ten-day!” adding a playful emoji.

In the NBA, teams can sign players to a ten-day contract if they have an open roster spot, usually due to injury. However, given that it is football season and the Kansas City Chiefs, Kelce’s team, are currently in full swing, the NFL star might be too busy to take on another sport. This weekend, the Chiefs are set to play against the Jets at MetLife Stadium in New York, and Swift is rumored to be in attendance. NFL insider Jordan Schultz revealed that Swift will specifically be there to “watch Travis Kelce,” just a week after attending his home game.

Swift’s appearance at Arrowhead Stadium alongside Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, surprised fans and sparked dating rumors. The singer, dressed in Chiefs red, cheered on Kelce from his suite, even passionately shouting, “Let’s f*cking go!” when he scored. Following the victory, the rumored couple, along with some of Kelce’s teammates and their partners, gathered at a local restaurant. At an ultra-private afterparty, a photo captured Swift wrapping her arms around the NFL player’s shoulders, showing their affection for each other.

While Kelce later gushed about the “perfect” weekend on his podcast, “New Heights,” he also expressed his desire to keep their relationship more private moving forward. As a public figure, Kelce wants to respect both of their lives and maintain some privacy. He acknowledged that Swift is not in the media as frequently as he is, with his regular appearances on shows during the NFL season. Kelce intends to focus more on discussing sports in his public appearances while keeping details about his personal life with Swift away from the spotlight.

Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, echoed similar sentiments during a recent radio show appearance. While he did not disclose their exact relationship status, he assured fans that Travis is treating Swift well and going above and beyond to be a gentleman. Jason expressed relief that their relationship is now in the public eye, hoping to put an end to frequent questions about it.

Travis Kelce responded humorously to Mark Cuban’s suggestion about his love life, jokingly offering to join the NBA. However, with football season in full swing, it is unlikely that Kelce will switch sports. Swift’s presence at Kelce’s games and their subsequent private celebrations indicate a budding romance, though both Kelce and his brother stress the importance of keeping the details private. Fans will undoubtedly continue to speculate about their relationship, but Travis Kelce remains focused on his football career while cherishing moments shared with Taylor Swift.


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