Travis Kelce Supports Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” with Fashion Statement

Travis Kelce Supports Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” with Fashion Statement

Kansas Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, made a fashion choice that caught the attention of fans after his team’s game against the Buffalo Bills. Kelce was spotted wearing a plaid corduroy jacket, reminiscent of Taylor Swift’s outfit on the cover of her album “Evermore.” This sparked speculation among social media users that Kelce was showing his support for Swift’s music.

After the tough loss, Travis Kelce traded his Chiefs uniform for a stylish plaid corduroy jacket by The Elder Statesman. The jacket, priced at $2,195, was paired with a green knit beanie and khaki pants. Fans quickly drew connections between Kelce’s ensemble and Taylor Swift’s iconic plaid shacket from the “Evermore” album cover. Social media erupted with posts suggesting that Kelce’s fashion choice was a deliberate nod to Swift’s music.

Many Twitter users expressed their excitement over Kelce’s choice of attire. One fan playfully exclaimed, “Travis Kelce is an ‘Evermore’ stan confirmed,” sharing two photos of the NFL player. Another fan joined in, mentioning that it was the third anniversary of the album’s release, stating, “On the third birthday aswellll.” The Twitterverse even had some fun, with one user humorously photoshopping Kelce into a mock album cover titled “Evermore (Travis Kelce’s version).” Swift’s loyal fanbase, known as Swifties, also speculated that Kelce’s outfit may have been a tribute to the anniversary of “Evermore.”

Taylor Swift made her own fashion statement at the game, sporting a vintage black-and-red Chiefs sweatshirt from a local boutique in Kansas City. She paired the sweatshirt with a black skirt and tall leather boots from Larroudé, worth $500. Swift later revealed a black and sparkling top after the game, swapping her casual game day look for a more glamorous style. With the anniversary of “Evermore” and her 34th birthday approaching, Swift had reasons to celebrate.

As Taylor Swift prepares to celebrate both the third anniversary of “Evermore” and her 34th birthday, reports suggest that Travis Kelce has planned something special for the occasion. An inside source revealed that Kelce has arranged an intimate and romantic dinner for the couple. Additionally, he is reportedly working on a semi-surprise party with the help of Swift’s closest friends. This gesture demonstrates Kelce’s commitment to making the day memorable for his girlfriend.

Travis Kelce’s fashion choice after the Chiefs’ game has garnered attention from fans and sparked rumors of his support for Taylor Swift’s “Evermore.” Kelce’s plaid corduroy jacket resembled Swift’s album cover outfit, leading fans to speculate about the connection. While Kelce’s fashion statement may have been a playful tribute, his plans for a romantic dinner and surprise birthday party for Swift indicate a deeper level of commitment. As the NFL player and the music icon continue to make waves in their respective fields, their loving and supportive relationship continues to captivate fans.


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