Trump Reportedly Asked Melania to Parade in a Bikini for Guests: Secret Recording Reveals Shocking Revelations

Trump Reportedly Asked Melania to Parade in a Bikini for Guests: Secret Recording Reveals Shocking Revelations

The explosive revelations concerning former President Donald Trump keep coming, with another shocking secret recording making headlines. According to a segment aired on ’60 Minutes Australia’ and reported by The New York Times, Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt claims to have had a conversation with Trump while he was in office, during which Trump allegedly made an inappropriate request involving his wife, Melania Trump. The recording provides unprecedented insight into the dynamics of their relationship and Trump’s behavior as the leader of the United States.

In the secret audio clips, Pratt recounts an incident that took place in 2019, where Trump supposedly shared an astonishing anecdote. During a dinner with Pratt and other business figures, Trump allegedly boasted about asking Melania to parade around a pool in her bikini, with the intent of allowing the other men present to ogle her. While the exact timing and location of this event remain unclear, the recording suggests that Trump made this request while he was serving as the President of the United States.

What makes this revelation even more captivating is how Melania responded to her husband’s inappropriate request. According to Pratt, Melania fired back, stating, “I’ll do that when you walk around with me in your bikini.” This unexpected retort showcases Melania’s independence and defiance, challenging Trump’s objectification of her.

While it may not be entirely surprising that Trump would make such a comment, given his past controversial remarks, the fact that he purportedly did so while occupying the highest office in the country adds a new layer of concern. As the First Lady, Melania was expected to uphold a certain dignity and respectability. Trump’s alleged request contradicts those expectations and raises questions about his judgment and behavior during his presidency.

Aside from the shocking request involving Melania, Anthony Pratt also claims that Trump revealed sensitive state secrets in a casual manner. These allegations have drawn the attention of Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is investigating any potential wrongdoing by Trump. Pratt’s account adds weight to the ongoing probe surrounding Trump’s tenure in the White House and raises further questions about his handling of classified information.

The revelations from the secret recording shed light on the current state of the Trumps’ marriage. Despite their background in the modeling industry, one might assume that Melania would not appreciate her husband’s request to showcase her body to others. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the strained and distant relationship between the former President and First Lady.

The secret recording featuring Anthony Pratt’s accounts of conversations with Donald Trump during his presidency has sparked widespread shock and controversy. The alleged request for Melania to parade in a bikini and the subsequent defiance from the First Lady have exposed the dynamics of their relationship. Additionally, the claims of Trump casually sharing state secrets raise concerns about his handling of classified information. As investigations continue, these revelations provide crucial insights into the character and actions of the former President.


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