Will Smith Explores His Musical Roots in New Podcast Series: Class of ’88

Will Smith Explores His Musical Roots in New Podcast Series: Class of ’88

Will Smith, the renowned actor and entertainer, is embarking on an exciting new endeavor: his own podcast series titled “Class of ’88.” This marks a significant milestone in his illustrious career, separate from the recent media frenzy surrounding his personal life with his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. In a shocking revelation, Jada disclosed their secret seven-year separation, despite being married since 1997. Their seemingly unbreakable bond faced public scrutiny after an incident at the Oscars, where Will defended Jada against a comedic remark about her shaved head due to alopecia. Nevertheless, amid personal turbulence, their connection remained evident, as Will recently referred to Jada as his “best friend” during her book tour.

Will’s latest professional pursuit, the “Class of ’88” podcast, is a solo flight. Set to premiere on October 26, this independent venture is produced in collaboration with Wondery, Audible, Westbrook, and Awfully Nice. While Amazon Music and Audible provide exclusive access to the complete series, weekly episodes will be available for Spotify and Apple Podcasts listeners. The podcast aims to transport audiences back to the pivotal year of 1988, a defining period for hip-hop. Beyond being a mere host, Will intends to share personal stories, memories, and insights from an era that reshaped the musical landscape.

1988 holds great significance for Will, not only within the hip-hop community but also in his own journey. Collaborating with DJ Jazzy Jeff, the iconic track “Parents Just Don’t Understand” catapulted them to fame during this transformative year. Despite his current dominance in Hollywood with blockbuster films such as “Independence Day,” “Men in Black,” “iRobot,” “Seven Pounds,” and the upcoming “Emancipation” in 2022, Will is retracing his steps to his musical origins through this podcast. DJ Jazzy Jeff, his former musical partner, continues to make waves in the industry and has been recognized by the Los Angeles Times for his groundbreaking “transformer scratch” innovation. “Class of ’88” promises to weave together a rich tapestry of hip-hop history, featuring archival material and fresh interviews with pioneering icons like Queen Latifah, Jazzy Jeff, DMC, Salt-N-Pepa, Fab Five Freddy, Rakim, and DJ Red Alert.

With the launch of “Class of ’88,” Will Smith is not only delving into his past but also providing listeners with an authentic exploration of a significant cultural moment. In this podcast series, he transcends his iconic status as an actor to reintroduce himself as a storyteller and hip-hop enthusiast. Will’s firsthand experiences and interactions with influential figures in the genre offer a genuine and personal perspective on the transformative power of music. By revisiting the year that shaped both his career and the hip-hop landscape, Will Smith invites listeners to join him on a captivating journey through time, celebrating the achievements and impact of an era that continues to resonate today.


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