Yasmine Bleeth: A Former “Baywatch” Star’s Casual Outing in Los Angeles

Yasmine Bleeth: A Former “Baywatch” Star’s Casual Outing in Los Angeles

Yasmine Bleeth, known for her role in the popular TV show “Baywatch,” was recently spotted in Los Angeles, California, in a casual attire while running errands with a friend. The actress, now 55 years old, seemed to be enjoying her day out, despite a brief moment of stress during a phone call.

Accompanied by her friend, Yasmine Bleeth visited Whole Foods, possibly returning a dog bed, as witnessed by an onlooker. Afterward, they continued their outing by going to Charlie’s Coffee Shop at the Original Farmers Market for lunch. Sitting down for about an hour, the duo engaged in conversation while Bleeth sipped on an iced coffee and her friend enjoyed a meal.

During their afternoon rendezvous, Bleeth had a phone call that appeared to be somewhat intense. Photographs captured her looking stressed, with her jaw hanging open. However, apart from this moment, she remained in good spirits, frequently smiling and enjoying her time. Eventually, she concluded her outing by returning to her friend’s car.

Yasmine Bleeth kept her outfit simple yet stylish for the occasion. Donning a light blue baggy denim jumpsuit with a light pink T-shirt underneath, she exuded a casual and comfortable vibe. Her choice of tan Birkenstock sandals and a white wicker tote bag added to the relaxed feel of her look. The former model chose minimal makeup and tied her brown locks up in a tight high ponytail, further emphasizing her laid-back appearance.

In the 90s, Yasmine Bleeth gained immense popularity for her role as Caroline Holden in “Baywatch.” She was even recognized as one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1995, solidifying her status as a notable celebrity. However, behind the fame, Bleeth battled with addiction, specifically cocaine. In 2000, she sought help by entering a rehabilitation center in Malibu.

During her time in rehab, Yasmine Bleeth’s path crossed with Paul Cerrito, her current husband. In a 2003 Glamour essay, she disclosed their immediate connection, despite the advice to avoid relationships during the first year of sobriety. The couple recently celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary, although they have decided not to have children.

Yasmine Bleeth’s recent outing in Los Angeles showcases a relaxed and content version of the former “Baywatch” star. Despite her past struggles with addiction, she has found love, support, and sobriety with her husband, Paul Cerrito. Bleeth continues to enjoy life, whether it be running errands, enjoying a leisurely lunch, or simply embracing casual chic style.


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